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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Team Is Back In The Driver Seat

Tough Win Against A Division Rival

The Patriots got a much needed win this week after coming off the bye. Their previous loss to the Tennessee Titans was brutal but this win over a AFC East rival puts the Patriots at 3-0 for the year in their division. Many sports pundits were already once more on the Brady is declining bandwagon, but this win has calmed the waters for now. Is Brady getting worse? Compared to his MVP season last year, we can all agree there is a decline, but he is still a Top 10 QB in this league. (If the Patriots maintain their current projection for the season, they will be 12-4)

The Patriots had many penalties in this game in the first half totaling over 75+ negative yards (the most in a single game since last season for the team). The team did have quite a few positives to take away from their 27-13 victory over the New York Jets.

Offense Remained on The Ground

The Patriots main positive was on the running game. Sony Michel had a career game where he rushed for over 133 yards, and a TD. Combined with him and James Whites, they both got over 200+ yards rushing. While this pushed Brady’s numbers down, it’s quite understandable why Belichick drafted Michel so high. He plans to make him the cow bell RB for the foreseeable future, the one who takes work load. While James White is having a Pro Bowl season, Michel is a great compliment to his game as well. In addition, Rex Burkhead has been rumored to return from IR which will help greatly in a depleted backfield. (White and Michel are effectively the only players left since Barber is likely to be reduced to practice squad by December)

Brady’s numbers have remained steady for his career average, but it’s a year where Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Jared Goff are all have MVP years (and that’s not even including difference makers like Todd Gurley). Brady is more or less, stuck in the middle now as far franchise QBs are for this season.

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Defense Did It’s Job

The Patriots defense came up this week, but not without seeing more glaring flaws. The team’s pass rush is still ranked 30th in the NFL. While Trey Flowers is having a monster season, the rest of the team is seemingly not able to generate pressure which is important especially going into the playoffs. They had several turnovers (including an INT by CB Stephon Gilmore) that helped greatly with the team’s success.

The Patriots run defense is still very solid and was able to contain Jets RB Isaiah Crowell (formerly of the Cleveland Browns). The team’s secondary did what was necessary to keep the Jets at bay but the reality is painful but true: They lack severely in physical talent. The team in terms of sheer speed, especially during the Kansas City game where they got massively burned almost the entire game. Hopefully, in the 2019 NFL Draft they focus on continuing to improve the defense as the offense will be set at every position except for either TE (Rob Gronkowski this season has shown a big dip in production and its painfully obvious that his back surgeries have sapped him but he is still a top TE in this league).

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Right now, the Patriots will be moving forward as they will be back at Gillette Stadium for their game this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

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Stephen is a Contributing Editor for Trifecta Sports Network and covers the New England Patriots and the NFL.

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