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Connelly’s Top Ten - Three Runs to the Left!


* McDaniel - Not scoring a TD from the one yard line on three runs to the left is McDaniel’s parting gift to New England

* PAtriots finished season 4-5

* Bailey two touch backs on punt

* Why not have a man back for punt 

* The whole season changed on a text from Antonio Brown

* Great answer from Bill after game when asked to complement fans for sticking with team

* They got their break with interception but couldn’t capitalize 

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* Appreciate every game!

* It ends on a pick six - cruel 

* Sign in the end zone - “Please stay Tommy”

* Last five games: 6 TD to 4 INT

* Brady’s ball dying outside the numbers (Dorsett one catch he had to go to ground to get catch)

* Brady had been 5-0 when he doesn’t throw a TD in a playoff game

* Doesn’t Brady have to check out of one of those three runs to the Left on the goal line 

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* Handing a ball to Elandron Roberts 3rd and 1 - thanks McDaniel 

* Hey Josh - how about the hurry up - something!

* Harry first play of game not on same page with Brady / Brady yelled at him at end first half / drop later

* Why not 15 end arounds - ran it three times for 19 yards and a TD

* Mason down field illegal cost them 40 yards

* Michel running out of bounds after a long gain is all you need to know about his compete level of this team 

* Five drives after being stopped at goal line - 110 yards / 16 plays 

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* Sanu averaged 16 yards a game the last SEVEN games of the year

* Sad that Edelman drops that ball - played like a warrior - only three receptions closer to Jerry Rice in post season catches 

* Why not more Burkhead 

* Dorsett four catches since his concussion back in November 

* Sanu finally a run back on a punt 


* Line got bitch slapped - pushed off the ball

* Chung has used up his deductable on his health coverage (he gets hurt in every playoff game)

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* Didn’t take Titans long to find Brooks 

* Tight ends kill Patriots in playoffs - see Denver’s Owen Daniels / Eagles Zach Ertz

* Bart Scott mocking the Patriots defense at halftime on CBS - “The self named boogie men gave up over 100 yards to Henry in first half”

* “Love” Jones hitting Henry at the one yard line and staring him down

* Gilmore great job on Brown

* Collins needed to make one play and he lost Deion Lewis in coverage for a 3rd down conversion 

* McCourty had a chance to take down Henry and Tannehill and whiffed on both


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* Bill with old school hoodie 

* Kraft with 9:13 left in second quarter / 8:42 left in second quarter - highlighting / 11:10 left in the 4th quarter / 2:08 left in the 4th quarter 6.


* Handing ball off to Elandron Fuc*ing Roberts on third and one

* Three straight runs to left at goal line

* Mason downfield illegally taking away long pass to Watson

* Edelman drop for first down 


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* Romo seems to know something on Brady 

* This is just a filler - both were fine


* Lost to a team with 9 completions


* If Titans lost - Logan Ryan wound remember his dropped pick six the rest of his life

* Henry a man amongst boys 

* Vrabel left New England on a bad note - this win tastes good for him

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10. Bills - Texans

* Allen not a graduate of MIT 

* Now what do Bills fans - have winter to look forward to

* The non sack of Watson was like Patriots not sacking Eli Manning

* Hauschaka from Bills 24-24 in field goals 50 yards or less in playoffs 

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Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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