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Connelly’s Top Ten - Red Sox - Who Cares

Connelly’s Top Ten - Red Sox - Who Cares

1. Longest consecutive years coaching per each team

Patriots - Belichick……..20

Red Sox - Cronin……….13

Celtics - Auerbach………16

Bruins - Ross and Julien…10

2. Red Sox

* Betts wants $35mm a year and he is right now the fourth best positional player on his own team

* Should have traded Bradley in June when he hit .315 for the month / he is hitting .143 in August  

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* Red Sox should have paid Bill Belichick as a consultant on how to assemble a roster after a championship - combined home runs and wins from Pierce and Evoldi = 1

3. Red Sox are 28-33 when Porcello, Price and Sale start a game.  


4. Players that played for the Celtics from the 1978 draft:

#3 - Rick Robey

#6 - Larry Bird

#30 - Jeff Justin’s

#64 - Gerald Henderson

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5. Patriots three high profile draft picks at quarterback in their last year at college: 

Jimmy G…….568 attempts / 53 TD / 9 INT(1 INT every 63 passes) / 5.9 TD to INT

Stidham……..369 attempts / 18 TD / 5 INT (1 INT every 74 passes) / 3.6 TD to INT

Brady…………295 attempts / 16 TD / 6 INT (1 INT every 49 passes) / 2.7 TD to INT

6. The A’s and Rays have a combined payroll of $155mm and are a combined 35 games over .500 / the Red Sox payroll is first in baseball at $227mm and are Four games over .500

7. Old School - On August 22, 1979 the Red Sox beat the Twins 9-4 / five pitchers were used / game time 1:59

8. Amazing Stats - Bogaerts and Devers have a chance for a combined 250 RBI - what other tandem did that for the Sox:

* Williams / Stephens - 1939……318

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* Ortiz / Manny - 2005…………….292

* Dropo / Stephens - 1950………288

* Foxx / Higgins - 1938…………..281

* Ortiz / Manny……………………...269

* Lynn / Rice - 1979……………….252

* Williams / Cronin 1939…………252

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - War movies that won the Oscar by war:

WWI - All Quiet on the Western Front

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WWII - Best Years of Our Life, Patton, Schindler’s List, Bridge on the River Kwai, From Here to Eternity, Casablanca, Mrs. Miniver, English Patient

Vietnam - Platoon, Deer Hunter

Iraq - Hurt Locker

10. Randomocity

* Dear Judge - Epstein won’t be able to make it to court - Signed Epstein’s Mother

* Brady has started a craze - any sporting event - players yell - “Lets go!”

* Great point by Dan Shaughnessy - Red Sox have only allowed one “black” act sing at Fenway out of 66 concerts - i guess they were projecting when they came at Tom Yawkey

* The punt return touchdown by Cleveland Brown Damon Sheehy-Giuseppi was as special as sports gets - a former homeless man who begged and lied himself into a tryout - the reaction from his teammates running into the end zone was what sports used to be like - fun and caring about teammates

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Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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