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Connelly’s Top Ten - Mourning Period

1. Patriots fall out

* The loss stinks but not half as bad as the thought that the dynasty is over

* At least we don’t have to watch KC win 28-13 in Arrowhead

* In the draft in April - remember the Sanu drops and lack of separation when the Patriots are skipped over in the second round

* Brady kept the TB12 myth going playing in 17 of 17 games (even though bad foot, shoulder, elbow)

* Wasn’t a fan of Brady’s conehead winter hat at press conference

* Brady was the 13th rated QB and the 13th paid QB

* Brady comes back if you sign him for $25,000,000 and an option if he plays 85% of snaps and get back Develin, Andrews, sign Thuney, Gronk or sign  Hooper from Atlanta, a #1 receiver

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2. Around the NFL

* Drew Brees is to Wilt Chamberlain as Tom Brady is to Bill Russell 

* Great throw by Cousins

* Taping a sporting event on the DRV that goes into sudden death can be counter productive because you are aware of when the game ends by the time left on the tape

* NFL doesn’t care about head injuries - the hit by Clowney to Wentz’s head should have been an ejection

3. Another look back to the loss against Miami - draft position of nine Miami defenders who had at least two tackles in the game: 7 undrafted players, one - 7th rounder, two - fifth rounders

4. Least games played by a Patriot first round pick 1970-2015

* Andy Katzenmoyer…2000…24 

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* Hart Lee Dykes……..1989…26 

* Robert Edwards…….1998…28 

* Vagas Ferguson…….1980…33 

* Dominique Easly……2014…41

5. Greatest Roar in Boston sports:

* Brad Park goal versus Buffalo

* Ted Bruschi interception return in the snow

* Orr putting on his shirt

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* Nava home run after the 2013 marathon bombing

* Bourque showing the crowd his new number #77

6. How will the Celtics survive without Al Horford?

Horford - Salary $27mm / 12.2 points / 6.5 rebounds

Kanter - Salary $5mm / 9.1 points / 8 rebounds

7. Amazing Stats - The two receiving corp from 2014 loss to Denver and Saturday night:

2014 - Combined Pro Bowls - ZERO - Collie, Mulligan, Houmanawanui, Slater, Edelman, Amendola

2020 - Combined Pro Bowls - ZERO - Dorsett, Meyers, Sanu, Lacosse, Harry, Edelman

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8. Old School - Who was better Steve Grogan or Terry O’Reilly:
Grogan - 7th in games / 3rd in passing / 0 Pro Bowls

O’Reilly - 7th in games / 11th in points / 2 All Star games

Nod to Grogan - carried team

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Still trying to determine who I want to go to prison for life - slow drivers in speed lane OR people talking in movie theatre

10. Randomocity

* If the NBA is broken into seven pay periods (Oct-April), the Brooklyn Nets paid Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving $9,848,714 in December - they played in ZERO games

* Urban Meyer recommended Steve Addazio for the Colorado State job - then Addazio hired Urban Meyer’s son-in-law

* Was the domberman pincher breed a 70’s dog

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* Wolves center Karl Anthony Downs is available? I would give up Tatum and the 1st pick from Memphis

* Worst pot holes in early January ever

* Fun to see overpaid, self-important, hypocritical actors sweat as Ricky Gervais stood at the microphone 

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Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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