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Connelly’s Top Ten - It’s Going to be a Long Winter

1. Patriots vs. Dolphins


* it wasn’t too long ago that people were saying that the Dolphins were going to be 0-16 and the Patriots 16-0

* A sin to be outworked, outcoached and worse of all OUT-COMPETED

* Patriots outscored Miami this year 67-27 but were 1-1

* Reminded me of their loss in Miami January 3, 2016 making them go to Denver - looked like they didn’t care


* Appreciate every game

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* Last regular season game

* His pick six was washed up Willie Mays kneeling at the plate for the Mets

* Brady high to Dorsett early / low to Edelman twice / pick six / high to Elandron Roberts / Fade to Harry thrown out of bounds

* Will Brady work harder in the offseason for his new team like Clemens did for the Blue Jays?

* Add Elandron Roberts to Brady’s TD list - 79 different receivers

 * Brady over 4,000 yards and passed Peyton on career TD’s 

* Ultimately Bill was right about Jimmy G (now the team will go backwards like the 1990 Celtics)

* I know that I might be struck down for writing this - BUT - Stidham wins this game

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* Sanu kept his Cal Ripken streak alive of consecutive games with a drop

* By the way next play after his drop was the pick six

* Edelman caught a third pass on the last play to give him a 100 for the season

* Watching Michel tippy-toe to the hole never gives me confidence: Like Greg Kite at the free throw line / Schiraldi closing out a game / Gostkowski kicking an extra point / Marcus Smart from three point line / Tuukka in a big game

* Watson two more penalties 

* My end-around play went for 9 yards again (run it five times a game)

* Where was James White?

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* Bolden making like Billie “White Shoes” Johnson on the last kickoff return

* Burkhead ran hard 


* Gilmore loses to Parker / loses game / loses MVP

* Van Noy and Collins haven’t done anything since not getting Pro Bowl selection 

* 85 Bears hurt their ribs laughing at the comparison

* Wise another penalty / whiffed on sack 

* Jones (bad tackler) and Jackson (to many penalties) in the secondary - over-rated

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* Bill went with visor and blue sweat coat in great weather for Foxboro

* Kraft huge game with three cameo’s twice in the second quarter / and an exhale with 3:53 left in the game


* Dolphins are 10-9 this century against the Patriots after December 1st

* Allowed 26 first downs


* Played not to lose

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* As bad as not using the timeouts at the end of the first half / Team should have called timeouts during Dolphins last drive when it was apparent that they couldn’t stop them 

* God help the team that signs McDaniel - Chad O’Shea was the better offensive coordinator on Sunday

* No hurry up 

* Back to back red zone trips - started play sequence exact same way twice - 1st and 10 hand off to Michel / Fade to Harry


* Tennessee should be favored next weekend 

* If Winovich isn’t making any plays - he needs to cut his hair

* Jake Bailey has become a blow average punter 

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* If you are a cornerback - no way do you let the wide receiver spin the ball on the turf on you 

* Thought it was interesting how much love Patriot players were showing Flores after the worse loss in 20 years

2. Around NFL

* Enough with the Aaron Rodgers State Farm Insurance ads

* Amendola threw a TD pass

* Eagles don’t have a 500 yard receiver / Dolphins don’t have a 250 yard rusher

* Dolphins have nine picks in the first two rounds the next two years 

3. Around College Football

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* The reversal of the Clemson fumble - set replay system back ten years and directly impacted the outcome of the game

* Amazing with all the CTE talk how many players are allowed to return to games - Ross of Clemson / Edelman last week 

4. Bill Russell retirement talk in the Globe - Spring of 1969

* 6/13/69 - “I’m not planning to retire” Russell

 * 7/2/69 - Red Auerbach about retirement possibility - “catastrophic”

* 7/31/69 - Red after reading the Sports Illustrated cover in which Russell declared he is retiring (for $10,000): “As far as I am concern Bill Russell is not retired.”

* 7/31/69 - Red sending Russell a message: “There aren’t many available parts for 6’10” guys in the movies.”

* 8/1/69 - “Heart surgery of the highest order” Bud Collins  

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5. Players on BOTH the “Top 100 NFL Team” AND ESPN’s All Time First team for College Football

* OFFENSE - Roger Staubach / Jim Brown / Jerry Rice / Larry Fitzgerald / John Hannah / Jim Parker / Chuck Bednarik / Mike Ditka 

* DEFENSE - Ronnie Lott / Lee Roy Selmon / Deion Sanders / Reggie White / Dick Butkus / Lawrence Taylor / Charles Woodson

* OTHER - Ray Guy

6. Larry Bird’s last regular season game: April 3, 1992 versus Indiana: 16 points (8-20) / 10 assists / 9 rebounds

7. Amazing Stat - Bill Russell’s Celtics won 27 of 29 playoff series 

8. Old School - Replacing QB
1999 Marino 5-6………1991 - Jay Fiedler 10-5 1990 Montana 14-1….1991 - Steve Young 5-52010 Manning 10-6…..2011 - Andrew Luck 11-51998 Elway 10-2………1999 - Brian Griese 4-9 

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Patriots will sell out 68,000 tickets for Brady retirement celebration - some last games / or number retirements:

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Ted Williams - 9/28/60 - Home run in last at bat

Bob Cousy - 3/17/63 - “We love you Cous”

Bill Russell - 3/12/72 - No one was allowed in Garden for number raising

John Havlicek - 4/9/78 - Ernie D feeding him for his big game 

Bobby Orr - 1/9/79 - Puts his sweater back on

Yaz…………..10/2/83 - I wish it wasn’t so Esposito…….

12/3/87 - Bourque gives him his number

Bird……………2/5/93- Contrived event - Magic wears Celtics shirt 

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10. Randomocity

* Great google ad on viral moments of 2019

* You know you are working too much when you are using work passwords at home

* Country and especially KC fans are enjoying Patriots demise

* Saw Ford vs. Ferrari - B+ 10 minutes too long / Saw Marriage Story on Netflix - Adam Driver excellent 

* Patriots lose, ice storm coming, Red Sox are working on carving payroll

* Told you so time - I told you to be careful of Dolphins / I told you when Patriots were 8-1 that they would go 4-3 rest of the season 

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Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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