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Connelly’s Top Ten - Blown Saves Travels to England




Connelly’s Top Ten - Blown Saves Travels to England

1. Things that could happen in London to this team:

* Steve Wright could be asked to pinch run and forget that the bullpen cart drives on the other side of the road

* Matt Barnes could give up a home run and the ball hit the Eye and knock it into the Thames

* David Price could hurt his throwing hand playing video games on the flight over and call in sick

* Drug users Michael Chavis and Steven Wright could sneak out past curfew and make their way to Amsterdam

2. Kemba Walker vs. Kyrie Irving last year

Walker…82 games / 43.4% FG / 25.6 points / 35.6% 3 pt shooting / 5.9 assists

Irving…..67 games / 48.7% FG / 23.8 points / 40.1% 3 pt shooting / 6.9 assists

3. Patriot 1,000 yard rushers

* 13 Patriots have run for a 1,000+ yards

* Curtis Martin - three -1,000+ years

* Jim Nance - two

4. OJ Simpson has 49 career postseason rushing yards 

5. Top twenty-five individual rushing seasons in NFL history (does prolific back lead to success?)

* Their teams combined record in playoffs: 7-18

* Terrell Davis Denver / Emmitt Smith’s Cowboys won Super Bowls

* Shaun Alexander’s team won NFC Championship

6. Do you think Marchand thinks of that line change every day?

7. Amazing Stat - The height of the Vanderbilt pitching staff:

6’4″ - four pitchers

6’5″ - four pitchers

6’6″ - three pitchers

8. Old School - Chris Sale three years versus Luis Tiant (1973-1975) - starts over 7 innings:

* Sale - 15 starts over seven innings out of 80 (18.7%)
* Tiant - 74 starts over seven innings out of 108 (68.5%)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Boston Pops getting ready for 4th of July - history of Pops conductors in their 134th season 

* Conductors years: Arthur Fiedler 50 years / Harry Ellis Dickson 40 years / Keith Lockhart 25 years

10. Randomocity

* By the way pitcher Kumar Rocker on the Vanderbilt staff (son of Auburn football player - Tracy) is a Major League pitcher right now

* Red Sox 16 blown saves - Kimbrel is enjoying everyone of them 

* 4th of July coming which means dogs barking at fireworks

* USA Soccer spends tens of millions of dollars and both the Mens and Women’s teams are unlikeable 

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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Connelly Top Ten - English Toast




Connelly Top Ten - English Toast

1. Red Sox - Yankees

* The two games took a total of 9:06 which is enough time to bus to Logan, go through security, get on a plane, fly to London, black cab to your hotel and go get a pint

* 30 pitchers in two games

* 816 pitches 

* Frank Rodriguez threw 115 pitches in 5.1 innings 

* Chavis had the most adventurous series in first baseman history

* 0 Stolen bases / 50 runs scored - not your father’s game

* Yankees were bullying the Red Sox

* Porcello looks like the most hittable former Cy Young winner in baseball history - no movement on his fast ball and a flat “hit me” slider

* The top of the 7th inning took 26 minutes on Sunday

2. Combined draft positions of QB and primary wide receiver in the Patriots last two Super Bowl championships

* Vs. Rams…….Brady and Edelman = 435 / Goff and Woods = 42

* Vs. Falcons - Brady and Edelman = 435 / Ryan and Julio Jones = 9

3. Jackie Bradley is an international star:

* In United States this year……….211 average

* Out of United States this year…444 average

4. Edelman documentary on Showtime

* A reminder for every coach with a stopwatch - can’t measure heart

* His father stole the show (great scene with father play piano)

* A justification for every parent that “guided” and made their child better (thanks Boots)

5. After Red Auerbach compromised on Larry Bird’s rookie contract - Bob Wolfe came back in and wanted to add a bonus for making the All Star team. Red flipped out and ripped up the contract and yelled “I’m going to pay him this much money - he better make the All Star team!” Bryce Harper and Manny Machado paid $650,000,000 and they didn’t make All Stars this year

6. Hats off to women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe - she wouldn’t play for my team - but she has come up big with ton’s of pressure on her - 5 goals 

7. Old School - From ESPN - Sunday was the first time the Red Sox hit three home runs in the first home runs since 1979 - Lynn, Yaz and Fisk

8. Amazing Stat - From MLB Network - In Juan Marichael’s first game as a rookie he retired the first 19 hitters he faced on his way to a one hit / 12 strikeout 2-0 shutout

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - That wasn’t baseball this weekend but a recreational event - in honor of the terrible baseball - Massachusetts amusement parks:

* Paragon Park - Hull……………………..1905-1984

* Riverside Park - Agawam……………..1870-1999

* Whalom Park - Lunenberg……………1893-2000

* Wonderland - Revere………………….1906-1911

* Lincoln Park - Dartmouth……………..1894-1987

* Pleasure Island - Wakefield………….1959-1969

* Norumbega Park - Newton…………..1897-9963

10. Randomocity

* Victor Hugo Gomez arrested as mastermind (that’s poetic license) of Ortiz shooting - what are Vegas odds - death comes before trial?

* Should the Red Sox let BioFreeze be a sponsor of the series - seeing their greatest hitter is frozen?

* Is it me on does Benintendi look indifferent?

* Colorado Rockie - Charlie Blackmon is hitting an insane .461 at home (59-128)

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Connelly’s Top Ten - Red Sox Don’t Seem to Care




Connelly’s Top Ten - Red Sox Don’t Seem to Care

1. Red Sox

* Stroman yelling at the Red Sox dugout after just six innings of pitching and getting no response - reminded me of John Wensink embarrassing the North Stars bench

* Interesting to see Porcello stare down Nunez for his below average effort on a ground ball with bases loaded

* A line in the Boston Globe about Mookie Betts not running out ground balls - interesting - Yaz used to get booed for that

* 15 blown saves before the half way mark 

* The top of the sixth inning took 18 minutes for three outs of bad baseball (nappy time)

* 36,495 watch an an over three hour game - ticket, parking, ice cream, hot dog and drink and the team doesn’t care

* Red Sox are eight games out of first place and just got this thing in neutral - glad Varitek didn’t feel that way when A Rod was talking crap to Arroyo 

2. The annual list of median house prices from the towns in were the champions of the E Mass boys lacrosse:

* Winchester…$1.1mm

* Dover………..$1.2mm

* Lincoln………$1.2mm

3. Yastrzemski is the most distinct name in baseball history - its nostalgic to hear announcers say his grandson’s name with the Giants


4. None of the highest paid players from their sport led their team to a championship

* Mike Trout……$36mm

* John Tavares..$16mm

* Steph Curry….$36mm

* Aaron Rogers..$35mm

5. Why kids don’t want to watch baseball - the average game times of University of Michigan in the College World Series - 3:26

6. Officials in the Dominican have determined that Kevin McHale was not trying to clothesline Kurt Rambis


7. Amazing Stat - Ups and Downs of Celtics draft / player acquisition:

* Tremont Waters……5’11”

* Taco Fall……………..7’6”

8. Old School - Officials think fans come to see them - When Ted Williams went 4-5 in the first game of a double header on his way to hitting .406 - the official score keeper stole a hit from him (reminds me of Bird’s 60 point game when ref waved on a Bird three pointer in front of Hawks bench)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Gambling and Casino

* Shocked the state didn’t demand that the casino pay for a monorail over the water to Assembly Square train station and parking

* 50,000 people on RT 99 is the most insane thing the state has done - that almost double Fenway and they have the Green Line and multiple sources of egress

* interesting that Theo Epstein has applied for sports gambling at Wrigley Field - bold

10. Randomocity

* Ray Bourque had an estate sale this weekend that included selling used shoes - is he ok?

* You see Louisville pitcher Luke Smith pitch the game of his life against Vanderbilt only to walk off the mound in the 8th f-bombing the other team - then Vanderbilt came out in the 9th and beat him

* Summer is here!

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Connelly’s Top Ten - Boston Sports Trending Down




Connelly’s Top Ten - Boston Sports Trending Down

1. Red Sox by month




2. NBA Draft - Celtics More Wing Man than any team in NBA history

3. Who’s reputation has fallen faster - Pedroia’s or Brad Stevens?

4. GM Runs:

* Don Sweeny - 4 years……….one conference championship

* Danny Ainge - 16 years……..two conference championships / one championship

* Dave Dombrowski 3 years….one conference championship / one championship

* Bill (19 years)………………..nine conference championships / six championships

5. Talk about getting a pass by a fanbase:

* Celtics championships since 1986 (33 years) - ONE 

* Bruins championships since 1972 (47 years) - ONE (that’s almost half a century)

6. Boston since the Super Bowl

* First line of Bruins decides to not show up for Game 7

* Gronk retires (I will say he comes back)

* Bob Kraft stars in a movie

* Celtics embarrassed by Bucks

* Celtics blow up - Irving and Horford don’t want to be here 

* Ortiz gets shot - which is uglier than a gun shot

* Red Sox left their game in Los Angeles last October

* Sign an oft injured Evoldi after abusing him October

* Celtics lose all three coin tosses in draft

* Danny Ainge has a heart attack

* Boston College Women’s Lacrosse loses again in finals

7. Hit over 100 home runs for three teams

A Rod……………..Seattle 189 / Texas 156 / Yankees 351

Reggie Jackson…Oak 264 / NY 144  / Angels 123

Jim Thome……….Cleveland 337 / Phillies 101 / White Sox 134

Adrian Beltre…….Texas 199 / LA 147 / Seattle / 103

Darrell Evans…….Atlanta 131 / Giants 142 / Detroit 141

8. Old School - Bobby Orr in 74 playoff games:

* 92 points - 1.24 a game

* Points in 55 of them

* Was a PLUS five in a game against Blackhawks

* Had at least three points in 10 games

* Multi-points 26 games

* Had 12 shots in a game against Toronto

* Ten minutes or more of penalty minutes in a game three times

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Top Comedies of Century

1. Wedding Crashers

2. Hangover

3. Sideways

4. Old School

5. Meet the Parents

6. Superbad

7. Elf

8. Super TrooperS

10. Randomocity

* Don Sweeney Executive of the Year (does that irritate Cam?)

* Could Josh Gordon - at his size - run Gronk’s routes

* Scherzer pitches with a broken nose / Price misses starts because too much video games

* Ortiz not the target - hah - and they missed Clint Hill and hit JFK by mistake

* Great move by Norwood High sports hiring Kristin McDonnell from Braintree to coach boys team

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