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ESPN Interview With Red Sox’s Baby-Face Baller, Rafael Devers




Red Sox Third Basemen Rafael Devers Talks to ESPN’s Marly Rivera

In a recent issue of ESPN magazine, Marly Rivera sat down with Boston Red Sox rookie third baseman Rafael Devers shortly after  Devers MLB debut in July.

Rafael Devers collected 19 hits and four home runs in his first 15 games. The Dominican-Born, who signed with the Red Sox at age sixteen as an amateur free agent talks about joining the team he rooted for as a kid and his adjustment, to playing in the states.

How did you get started playing baseball?

I can’t even remember the first time I went to a stadium, but I have been playing baseball as long as I can remember. My dad played baseball, and he always brought me along to watch the games.  When practice was over, the parents would let us play.

Who was your favorite player as a kid?

Robinson Cano has always been my favorite player. I have always been impressed with the swing he has and how humble he looks on the field. But my favorite team was always Boston. I loved watching Manny Ramirez and Pedro Marinez when they were here. {You and me both kid}

How have you adapted to living in the United States and learning English?

My first year was difficult because I left all my family behind, even though I was only here half of the year. But after that, you start getting used to living here, and it helps that I talk to my mom and dad every day.

You were called up so young. Who has helped you the most to adapt to playing in the majors?

My dad. He’s always on top of me: “Rafael, you’ve achieved your goal, but now we’re going to try to fulfill your dream, which is to stay in the big leagues and be a superstar”

You must have heard you look like your 12 instead of 20. You look so young!

Yes, that’s why they gave me my nickname. They call me Carita{Baby-face} for that very reason. In my neighborhood when I played vitilla {baseballl with caps}, there was this guy who would always say, “Look at this one with that fresh face,” and from then on I was Carita.

Critics questioned how early you the Red Sox called you up. How ready did you feel to play in the big leagues?

Well, it’s the same baseball, but this is the top level. There is more pressure, but that’s something you can’t control. All I have to prove is that I am a player who is always ready to play. In the games I have played so far, in the first at-bat, in the first inning, I felt a little nervous, but afterward, I feel confident.

In the short time you have been in the majors, has there been a moment when you’ve said to yourself, ” I can’t believe that so-and-so  is there”?

The day we played in Seattle and I saw Robinson Cano. I saw him during batting practice, and they called me over and congratulated me on being called up. I said to myself, “Oh man, look at him right here.” He was with Jean Segura, Nelson Cruz. They were all there. I felt really happy about that. I said to myself, “I watched them on television, and now I can see them here.”

Small Town Boy from Oklahoma, I grew up writing poetry and short stories from an early age. Moved up North in later years and love my Red Sox and Celtics. I am self employed and an avid online poker player. I am very excited to be joining the Trifecta team! I will be writing about Celtics and Red Sox,, as well as all other Boston sports. I am looking forward to finidng and writing the unusual stories. You our readers are why we are here. Have a story you want told? My ears are always open.

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Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Get Trampled by Rays



Red Sox Get Trampled by Rays

The Red Sox on Sunday took a hard blowing defeat by the Rays in a score of 4-1.

Christian Vasquez was able to get in 1 run to make it look as if they weren’t going to be score less. The Rays Lucas Duda and Evan Longoria each hit 1 run while Wilson Ramos got in 2.

This was a hard hit for the Red Sox to take as they are now 81-62. The next game is against the Athletics on September 12.

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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Get Burned By Replay



Boston Red Sox Get Burned By Replay

The Boston Red Sox fell to the Tampa Bay Rays 4-1 on Sunday to end their four game win streak. While the final score is a three run deficit, the game at one point looked a whole lot different.

In the third inning the Red Sox owned a 1-0 lead and where about to bring a second run to the plate to gain a 2-run lead but Christian Vasquez was deemed out at the plate. After video review the play was not overturned.

The homeplate umpire, Brian O’Nora did not hesitate when making the call in real time. And in real time Vasquez actually looked out. But upon further review it looked as if he was able to slide in ahead of the tag. But that wasn’t enough for Major League Baseball to overturn the call.

The decision ended up swinging momentum towards Tampa Bay who wouldn’t give it back for the remainder of the game. For a team in a pennant race, it doesn’t sit well with the Red Sox.

“The explanation was they can’t definitively say if the foot made contact with the plate,” Farrell said. “He beat the tag, it was a high tag, the foot was in prior to the tag, but inconclusive from the standpoint of whether the foot swiped across the surface of the plate.”

“Looking back with only one run on the board, yeah, it’s big, and I think any time you think you’ve got a run scored and it’s taken away, yeah, that’s a missed opportunity. Vazqy runs the bases extremely well going from… on the base hit he ends up at third base after a missed cutoff and again, felt like he was safe.”

Reporters were unable to ask Vasquez about the play after the game with the Red Sox catcher leaving the clubhouse rather quickly.

The decision by the replay crew doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It appears that he was clearly in ahead of the throw and is safe. This was a key swinging moment in the game and could have caused the outcome to go the other way. Which it might have done with Tampa taking the lead and winning the ballgame.

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Boston Red Sox

JetBlue Park Being Used As Safe Haven During Hurricane Irma



JetBlue Park Being Used As Safe Haven During Hurricane Irma For Both Boston Red Sox Personal And The City Of Fort Myers

The Boston Red Sox have a major facility down in Fort Myers Florida called JetBlue Park. The team uses the facility for Spring training but it serves the team all year round with rehabbing players spending time their along with extended spring training players.

But the facility will be put under an immense test this weekend with Hurricane Irma coming right for Florida.

According to the Boston Red Sox the facility will be used as a command center for the City of Fort Myers as well as a safe haven for family members of Red Sox players and personnel who work out of the facility. The team had made arrangements to get their own players out of Florida and back up to Boston. But those left behind and their families who live in the area will use the structure for shelter.

Many of the Red Sox players have their offseason homes down in that area of the country so they can use the facilities during the offseason. So it was important for the Red Sox to get anyone unable to evacuate into the facility to keep them safe during the storm.

“What’s going to take place down there, you know, we’ve got a lot of guys that either make offseason homes down there or guys that even at this point have families that are unable to evacuate that are actually going to go over to JetBlue and stay there,” said Red Sox manager John Farrell. “This is a serious situation, and I think in these times that are challenging, the goodness of people start to really come through.”

It is believed the clubhouses will be serving as the primary housing for those seeking shelter, with many of the offices being outlined by windows.

Hitting Coach Victor Rodriguez, catcher Sandy Leon, and bullpen catcher Mani Martinez are among the Red Sox staff that still have family in South Florida. Others who live down there like Chris Sale and Hanley Ramirez have already flown their families up to Boston.

What the Red Sox are most concerened about is people and not the property.

“Property, that’s something that can be repaired, whatever happens to it,” Farrell said. “There’s concern. There’s attention to be paid. Hanley for one, in South Florida, has gotten his family up here. You try to make sure you understand what they’re going through. There’s obviously some kind of compassion that’s got to be given in these situations and hopefully all are going to be available to avoid something severe.”

The Boston Red Sox are doing more than just providing shelter though. Since they operate a full time facility in Florida they have decided to partner up with the Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, and the Tampa Bay Rays to raise funds for hurricane reliefs.

Here is the information that the Boston Bruins sent out in the press release:

The Boston Bruins announced today that they will team up with the Boston Red Sox, Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Rays tomorrow, September 10, to raise funds for Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Noel Acciari, Kenny Agostino, Patrice Bergeron, Brandon Carlo, Torey Krug, Adam McQuaid, Kevan Miller, Paul Postma,Ryan Spooner and others will join members of the Red Sox, Panthers and Rays at the gates of Fenway Park to collect donations before and during the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox game slated for 1:35 p.m.

All donations will go to support the Red Cross to assist the region of South Florida. The Boston Bruins Foundation will match the total funds raised at the gates.

Across town the Boston Bruins have taken in the Florida Panthers who evacuated their entire team and families up to Boston to avoid the storm.

With the storm bearing down on Florida it is important to keep everyone down there in your thoughts until the storm passes.

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