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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Robert Kraft Releases Public Statement Regarding Trump’s Remarks



Patriots Talk: Robert Kraft Releases Public Statement Regarding Trump’s Remarks


Many critics of Donald Trump have been making news as soon as he won the 2016 Presidential elections. The current President has been a huge wave of controversy throughout the time he took office in January, he has made many remarks that have stirred a lot of people. (including his supporters like Robert Kraft) Last Friday, Donald Trump made his thoughts known about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem should fired. Donald Trump tweeted his latest thoughts today that NFL attendance was lower due to the players ‘disrespecting our Flag & Country.’



Robert Kraft, among many NFL owners, made his response that was ‘deeply disappointed’ with the President’s latest remarks. Kraft, a  long-time friend and supporter of Trump, released his public statement shortly after the story broke.


“I am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the President on Friday. I am proud to be associated with so many players who make such tremendous contributions in positively impacting our communities. Their efforts, both on and off the field, help bring people together and make our community stronger. There is no greater unifier in this country than sports, and unfortunately, nothing more divisive than politics. I think our political leaders could learn a lot from the lessons of teamwork and the importance of working together toward a common goal. Our players are intelligent, thoughtful and care deeply about our community and I support their right to peacefully affect social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is most impactful.”


Today though, he focus will be on the Patriots who will be hosting the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. Kickoff will be at 1:00 PM EST and will be hosted by CBS.


Stephen is a Contributing Editor for Trifecta Sports Network and covers the New England Patriots and the NFL.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Patriots vs. Panthers Preview



The Patriots will be facing off against two NFC South teams this upcoming week. The Carolina Panthers on Sunday at 1 PM EST and then against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night at 8:25 PM EST. The team is on a tight schedule as they will be going from Gillette down to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida. The team will be walking a very thin line as both teams Thursday will be on a short schedule.

The Patriots already had a Thursday night game (the season opener), but having two Thursday night games will be difficult. Bill Belichick will have to work overtime to get the team through this upcoming week. Nonetheless, I feel that the team can handle both teams but that will be based on how they play matchups.

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New England Patriots

NFL Talk: Week 4 Picks




NFL Talk: Week 4 Picks


Whelp, a lot of people (including myself) are feeling really dumb after what happened in to NFL in Week 3. We had a ton of upsets, and a lot of controversy over the NFL ownership siding against Donald Trump’s comments to fire their employees. (Those are the NFL players taking a knee) That topic is one that needs to be told separately from this discussion due to it surrounding nothing but negativity. Many fans and spectators are tired of it and just want to watch football. And hopefully this upcoming, we will get some good games to get people invested again. currently, I am 30-17 on my Picks which is way better than I initially would have thought.


Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers: Winner - Packers


Chicago had a surprise upset for us yesterday against the Steelers. While, I think people will say Mike Glennon had a decent game, it was Jordan Howard who had the highlights of the day rushing for over 2 TDs for 140 yards of the day. The young running back had an outstanding game for himself. The Packers nearly got destroyed by the Cincinnati Bengals who just last week had also fired their Offensive Coordinator, so they should be beatable? Yes, but the Packers hardly ever lose at home. Lambeau Field is a true safe haven for the Packers and there is no doubt that the team will have a lot riding on this as it is a Thursday night game (so a short week for both teams). The Packers have the better QB in Aaron Rodgers and while the Bears are the most intimating offense, they can do some serious scoring on that Packers defense. (who have on averaged allowed teams 113.7 rushing yards per game in only 3 games into this season). Jordan Howard will do a lot of work in Lambeau but I think a turnover will be the decider for this game and Rodgers scores the game winning TD to end this game on. The game will be close but  have the Packers winning 28-24.



New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins: Winner - Saints


The Saints seem to be fixing themselves up after having a massive beat down on the Carolina Panthers 34-13. But the Saints will be going up against one of the worst passing defenses in the league (The Dolphins have allowed over 278 passing yards a game). I think that Drew Brees offense will be able to put some points on the board this week for sure and will beat out Jay Cutler at home despite the fact that the Saints are going against one of the better defensive lines in the league. The Dolphins meanwhile, ares till trying to figure out what exactly happened during that Jets game where they lost 20-6. The Dolphins can be competitive one moment and be complete dumpster fire the next.  But let’s be real, the Dolphins have good defense against the run (73.5 yards a game). The Saints are coming in with a  defense that has allowed 380 total rushing yards and 933 passing yards a game in only 3 games this season! The Dolphins will have fun with that defense but Brees will eat that secondary alive with Willie Snead will be returning as Brees #1 receiver and with his confidence starting to return, this team should be able to get the win on Sunday in London. I have the Saints winning 27-21 against the Dolphins.



Carolina Panthers @ New England Patriots: Winner - Patriots


Honestly, it is clear that the Panthers are a completely different team now with Greg Olsen out for the season. The Patriots are coming in with the worst passing defense in the NFL now. But the Panthers look like they will need to rely on the run game with Christian McCaffery (who has already been given 30% of the offensive snaps this season) in the backfield. While, Brady just had one of the best games of his life last week, he will have a tougher time beating the Panthers defense then the Texans because they have the 3rd best passing defense in the NFL (only 162 yards passing per game), and the Patriots will need to once again have the offense step up for the defense. It has been reported that Pro-Bowl Center Ryan Kalil is ruled out of this week’s game and that is huge because the Panthers O-line without its main center is a problem. Cam Newton, the former 2015 NFL MVP, has been shown that without his leader on the offensive line, he becomes lost in the out field but Newton should be able to put up points thanks to this team lacking any form of a pass rush outside of Trey Flowers. The Patriots will win 30-24.



Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets: Winner - Jaguars


Poor Josh McCown is about to feel the worst pain of his life this season going against the Jaguars. After they publicly embarrassed the Baltimore Ravens in London with a score of 44-7. Blake Bortles didn’t look like the Bortles we have seen the past 4 seasons but the reailty is he can’t repeat that performance every time. However, Leonard Fournette has been making a case for rookie of the year. (Kareem Hunt still leading the charge) The New York Jets defense has allowed 133.3 rushing yards per game and against the that running game, it will be a match up nightmare. What is even worse is that currently the Jaguars passing defense is ranked 1st in the league at only 124.3 passing yards per game. I have a feeling this game will be more one-sided then most think. The Jaguars will beat out the Jets with a  score of 24-10.



Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans: Winner - Titans


Alright, hear me out. The Houston Texans had a great game against the Patriots. Let’s not lie about that, but they also were playing the worst passing defense in the NFL. The Patriots have a lot of issues that need to be worked out in that secondary, but I think the Titans defense will do much better in terms of the match ups. The Houston Texans are a team that is being lead by an hot shot rookie and he will likely play well in this game. However, there is no way that the Texans can make a repeat performance. The Titans have the better QB, the better running back (D’Onta Foreman vs. Demarco Murray should be interesting), and the Titans have the better team. The Texans defense has given up on 225 passing yards per game while the Titans have given up 275 yards per game. The passing game will be key here as both teams have about the same level in run defense but the Texans by far have the better pass rush. But the Titans offensive line is even better than the Patriots, so they will have some more struggles there. This game will be close no doubt but the Titans have the team that can surprise even the Texans. I have the Titans winning 26-23 against the Texans.



Pittsburgh Steelers @ Ravens: Winner - Ravens


I want to say this, hats off to the Steelers offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva. (He served 3 tours in the military)  Guy earned massive respect from all football fans last week including myself. Now, this game is a tough call. On one hand, the Steelers always seem to play down to their competition. On the other hand, the Steelers QB, Big Ben Roethlisberger, is not the same QB on the round. I think that the team didn’t have their heads in the game due to the massive controversy between the NFL and President Trumps comments. However, we can’t be sure that the Baltimore Ravens defense will be as terrible as last week. They should improve coming back home. However, the issue is the Ravens offense, Joe Flacco’s confidence level couldn’t be lower since he literally was pulled from the Ravens blowout game in London to the Jaguars. The question becomes can the Ravens bounce back? I have stated that the Ravens are a legitimate team but their offense is clearly their main issue. However, the Steelers will need to get their heads back in the game and no doubt, so too will the Ravens. But the Steelers offense will likely have their time to shine on the field but I feel home field advantage will be critical here. I think the Ravens will be the surprise upset this week and the game will be close. Ravens will win 21-20.



Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Brown: Winner - Bengals


I feel bad for the Browns. This team has some serious talent but they are incapable of maintaining a consistent passing game. The Bengals look improved after allowing Andy Dalton to adjust his game on the field (which he couldn’t do under recently fired Offensive Coordinator Ken Zampese), and he will have more opportunity to get his team scoring in this game. Deshone Kizer’s preseason magic I think is gone. He is at this point, in the bottom 5 in the league as a QB, but the kid doing this out of the floodgates is impressive, but the reality is he will need to do much more moving forward. I would have given this game to the Browns if the Bengals didn’t have that game against the Packers last week. The Bengals are a team that still has serious talent on their team and their defense will likely be having a lot of fun with that offensive line (Geno Atkins will be big hitter in fantasy for this week). The Bengals win 24-17.



Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings: Winner - Lions


The Vikings are a team that need to be watched closely. The team is without a doubt one of the better teams defensively, but their new stadium and team can’t rely on defense. The Lions have been a team that has shown true progress and nearly beat the Falcons if it wasn’t for that knee falling down 1 yard short of the goal-line. The Lions are a team that will want to come into this game determined to win. The Vikings were playing strong against the Buccaneers who had a strong running defense but got torched. Now can the Vikings can do this again, it will be interesting to see but Matthew Stafford is by far and away the better QB in this game. Vikings are the team that many can see winning but the Vikings secondary has allowed over 277.7 passing yards this year already. Stafford currently is one of the hottest QBs, in the game but the Vikings will not likely outpace the Lions. This game will come down to the time of possession and I think the Lions could have a big upset in Minnesota. Lions win 28-26.



Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys: Winner - Cowboys


The Rams had by far, the best game of the 2017 season against the 49ers. But, despite the team being red hot, the Dallas Cowboys have home-field advantage. The Rams have a great overall offense and the defense is holding together well, but the Cowboys have the best offensive line in football today. The Cowboys will be able to play keep away from the Rams and control the clock. The Cowboys will have some good scoring but this game is going to be about the offense. Both teams defense will be put to the test, but the Rams have allowed 139 rushing yards per game, so Ezekiel Elliot should have a field day. The Cowboys will win this game 28-20.



Buffalo Bills @ Atlanta Falcons: Winner - Falcons


Man the Buffalo Bills are unreal. They have lost so much of their talent this off season yet they still mange to make the Denver Broncos look bad. Bills are a team that can be hot and cold and right now, I can’t see anything hot about this game. The Falcons are a team that is currently dominating the NFC and I have yet to see any team find a way to truly stop that offense. I thought Super Bowl hangover would happen, but instead we have them as the team to beat in their conference. Bills will be lucky if Tyrod Taylor can beat out Matt Ryan in terms of scoring. The Falcons defense have allowed only 85 yards rushing per game (despite the absence of Vic Beasley), this gives a good idea of how much the Bills running game will be tested with LeSean McCoy. But the Falcons are the better team and this is at home. Falcons win 30-18.



Philadelphia Eagles @ Los Angeles Chargers: Winner - Eagles


Philip Rivers needs to demand a trade. This team can’t clutch anything. They have had three close games where two of them were lost by missed field goals. The reality is that the Chargers aren’t a team that you can rely on winning you games. The Eagles had a close matchup last week against the Giants (who I will be discussing heavily later on) but they won with one of the best field goal kicks of this entire season. (61 yards is crazy in today’s kicking game) Right now, the Eagles have shown that their defense can contend with any NFL offense and the Chargers have been just a mess coaching-wise despite having serious talent on both sides of the ball. This game really all comes down to which team can be strong in the clutch and the Eagles have shown they can do that. The Eagles will win in a close contest 23-20.



San Fransisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals: Winner - Cardinals


I like the 49ers here. But the Cardinals are starting to click again. They played tough against the Cowboys last Monday night. The Cardinals need to get a win here at home. The 49ers had probably one of the best games they have had in quite awhile. The 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is still trying to find this team a win this season. But I can’t see it on Sunday night. The Cardinals have a veteran QB, a dangerous defense and a more experienced head coach in Bruce Arians. Despite what the team has shown thus far, the Cardinals are the better team all around and after what they displayed against the Cowboys, I think they can pull the win off here. Cardinals win 24-18.



New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Winner - Buccaneers


This would be a close matchup, if I had any confidence in the Giants offensive line. Let’s face it, the Giants offense is fundamentally broken. The play calling, the O-line, the lack of timing; the New York Giants can’t work with this type of set up. Eli Manning is going against one of the better run stuffers in the NFL (so Paul Perkins is pretty much not getting yards in this game). Eli under the highest pressure is one of the most clutch QBs in NFL history. However, he needs timing and his receiving core to click with hi. Only Sterling Shepard and Odell Beckham Jr.  (speaking of, that dog marking its territory was clever but that is as far as I will go with it) can be serviceable, with Brandon Marshall, not showing any connection with Manning. The Giants defense should do enough to hold the Bucs to a low scoring game but if the Giants don’t show enough desperation (or if Ben McAdoo doesn’t put down the menu) then this team ain’t wining their division and would be better off tanking for a top QB prospect next year. The Bucs will likely win with only a score of 16 -14. Turnovers will be critical in this game if the Giants want to make a comeback.



Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos: Winner - Broncos


Man the Broncos looked terrible last week against the Buffalo Bills. Despite this, Miles High is their home turf and many struggle in this stadium. The Broncos will want to make up for last week with a  strong display here and I have a feeling they will be able to hold down the Raiders in this game. The Raiders have the better offense in both running game (Marshawn Lynch vs. CJ Anderson is one to watch) and better QB. However, the receiving core for both teams is huge and will be important moving forward. The Broncos have the best running defense in the NFL right now (only have allowed 59.7 rushing yard per game) and should stop Lynch will lead to the passing game becoming the main factor here. The Raiders defense passing defense is one of the worst in the league (allowed 252 passing yard per game). The Broncos have the field advantage, and should be able to win based on their match ups. Broncos win 27-24 against the Raiders.




Indianapolis Colts @ Seattle Seahawks: Winner - Seahawks


The Seahawks quite simply have no offensive line. That is the politest way I can say it without completing dumping the amount of stats showing how bad they are. Its clear that Russell Wilson will have a lot of plays he needs to extend in this game but it is at home. CenturyLink Field is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. (There is a reason why they have the 12th man flags all the time there) If the crowds show up, this game will be difficult for the Colts to manage. With the news that Andrew Luck might be seating out all the way till November now, Jacoby Brissett is going to be under some serious pressure. I like Brisket, but the reality is he is entering one of the more dangerous places in the league and is against one of the more dominant defenses in the NFL. However, the Seahawks have been terrible against the run (allowed 146 yards rushing per game), which will give Frank Gore an opportunity to show up for this game. I feel that Wilson will get enough time to score a few points especially after his performance last week where he scored 4 TDs on the Titans defense. I have the Seahawks winning 21-14.



Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs: Winner - Chiefs


The final game of this week will be the Redskins coming to Arrowhead Stadium to face the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. the Chiefs can’t maintain this hot streak for long, but right now, they have every advantage going into it. Alex Smith is playing the best football of his entire career this season and Kareem Hunt is beating out every running back right now. The reailty is that the team is in the best position to succeed and the Redskins have shown they can play hard but Kirk Cousins will have some difficulties getting the play calling in this game. Jay Gruden will have to really think hard on how to contain the Chiefs who have an elite running game and a deadly passing game (Travis Kelce is one of the better TEs in the league at the moment). The Chiefs should win this game 27-20.


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New England Patriots

As Patriots O-Line Fails, Brady Blocks Himself




The New England Patriots offense through the years has had its fair share of ups and downs. Much of that has had to do with the personnel changes or lack of performance surrounding QB Tom Brady. This season the receiving core is battered, but they are still a talented group. The running back group is great as well. But the one issue they are having is protecting their 40-year-old QB.

Through 3 games Brady has been sacked 10 times and has been hit 19 times. Part of this reason is holding onto the ball longer with the absence of Julian Edelman. Without Edelman, the offense is clearly taking more shots down the field with Brady holding onto the ball for 2.58 seconds this season compared to 2.39 seconds last season.

Brady who has been hit a ton has managed to stay healthy. His ability to take hits and bounce back up has been uncanny. With all the hits adding up Brady still feels good.

“I’m feeling pretty good today,” Brady said Wednesday. “Honestly, I mean, I know you guys think I’m crazy when I say it, but probably when I was younger it was a lot harder for me. Now, I actually feel better faster just based on the things that I do. Today I feel good. I feel good.”

Through his prolonged NFL career, he has taken a multitude of hits. Some have hurt him including the season-ending knee injury dealt by a Chiefs pass rusher. Others like the Kam Chancellor hit a few years ago against Seattle hindered his play moving forward. But through thick and thin he has been able to stay healthy for the most part and he believes he knows how to take a hit.

But even with that, Brady acknowledges the luck element.

“I definitely think so. I think decision making is important for all players,” Brady said. “I tell the receivers all of the time, ‘You catch the ball in traffic. You’re a 190-pound receiver. You’ve got 240-pound linebackers. To run and take that amount of force for one extra yard and then you miss three games – I don’t think that helps us much.’ It’s the same as a quarterback. You stand in the pocket. You do have to learn how to find the way down in a way that you’ll be able to get up and try to play the next play, especially with your right shoulder. I think for me more than anything I try to land more on my left shoulder than my right shoulder because you’ve only got one right shoulder and I need this for a lot of throws, and the more hits you take on it then the harder it is to take.

“I just do the best I can do. There’s some luck involved, but let’s go again, baby. Let’s line them up and play.”

On Sunday the Patriots will take on the Carolina Panthers who present Brady with an interesting challenge. Currently, through three games the Panthers have the number 1 ranked defense and have eight sacks so far this season.

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