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New England Patriots

Patriots Hang Onto Rex Burkhead, Role Expected To Increase



It looks like the New England Patriots have held onto one piece of their running back core for the 2018 NFL season.

According to Jim McBride over at the Boston Globe, the New England Patriots have re-signed running back Rex Burkhead.

The running back dealt with injuries for much of the 2017 season and appeared in 10 games for the Patriots. Despite the limited playing time, he was able to manage 500+ yards from scrimmage with 8 all-purpose touchdowns showing an ability to run the ball and catch the ball out of the backfield for Josh McDaniels offense.

If Burkhead remains healthy in 2018 it is easy to imagine that his role in the offense will expand given all the potential he showed in 2017. With Dion Lewis gone, the chances of that happening go up even more if New England doesn’t bring in another back.

With Burkhead back under contract, the Patriots running back depth chart looks something like this.

I do expect the Patriots to hold onto Gillislee even though there might be some restructuring talks. Using one of their draft picks or signing an undrafted rookie running back is certainly in the cards as well.

Burkhead is the second free agent signing for the Patriots with the first being special teamer Nate Ebner who agreed to a deal on Tuesday.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Chris Long Weighs In On Patriots Drama



Long Doesn’t Bye Into The Narrative

It’s quite expected that a former Patriot who has seen the inside of the organization would comment on the ‘rift’ that has formed within the New England Patriots. But to know it was the eventual Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, is another. Defensive End Chris Long a few days held a phone interview on the The Glass Half Empty podcast with his brother and Chicago Bear’s Guard, Kyle Long. He decided to shed some light on what he felt about the recent narrative that has been building up in the media after the Patriot Super Bowl LII loss. (Begins at 6:48)

“When you are one of the hall mark franchises in the sports world, I think everyone’s going to pay attention to, sometimes to really small issues. Whatever people are alluding to going on up there hasn’t affected their play, it hasn’t affected their bottom line. It hasn’t affected how they executed on Sundays. And that’s what they pride themselves in.”

“It took everything for us to beat them”

Chris Long didn’t say anything that is shocking to New England fans. The Patriots for years now have been nitpicked by the media (especially the Boston sports media) over many issues. However, Head Coach Bill Belichick has always toned out the media and narratives. Never buying into it and always staying focused on the game plan come Sunday. It’s one of many reasons why the team has remained the gold standard of the football world.

The Eagles had many things go there way last year that resulted in them winning the Super Bowl. (And can likely repeat as contenders unless something disastrous comes there way) Long knew coming into Super Bowl LII that the game would go down to the wire.

“It took a heroic performance by Nick Foles and we had to play our best game. So while everybody likes to always point to the Patriots as being under duress or there’s some drama in the locker room, there’s drama in every locker room that you could blow out of proportion. They’re just on top and those stories sell because they’ve been so great.”

This news was one that comes from someone who saw the 2016 season play out with Jimmy Garoppolo starting, Brady’s suspension, and the inner workings of the team’s locker room. Chris may now be with the Eagles, but his voice comes from a true professional. He may no longer be with the team, but he knows not to buy into story-lines and just focus on getting ready for football season.  The Philadelphia Eagles play the Atlanta Falcons on September 6th to kick off the 2018 NFL season.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Betting Odds For The 2019 Season




Patriots Odds Are The Highest By A Mile

The Patriots are always facing some kind of obstacle. Whether it being Julian Edelman’s appeal for his four game suspension being upheld, or the rocky state after Super Bowl LII. No matter what, it seems it means little to the team as Las Vegas released their latest betting odds.

According to the odds, the Patriots are the most likely team to make it back to the playoffs in 2019. And it isn’t even close. The Patriots -1500 to 1 which is crazy. Essentially, you bet on the Pats, the money you get returned will be a pretty bad investment. Like if you bet $1500 only to get $100 back if you win.

However, the Patriots being this high is not surprising. They have only missed the playoffs twice since Patriots won their first Super Bowl back in 2001. That was in 2002 and 2008 (which the team went 11-5 with Matt Cassel at QB). This can’t be said enough: As long as Belichick and Brady remain in New England, the Patriots are the clear favorites to win the AFC every year.

This has been an ongoing thing for some time now and its made a lot of Pats fans fail to realize just how crazy it is. When this dynasty has officially ended, it will never be the same. Appreciate greatness. Even back in February, the Pats were the second favorite to return to the Super Bowl behind the Philadelphia Eagles.

As of now, the Patriots lead everyone in the league by a mile from these odds. As for the rest of the league, the teams likely to follow behind are:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers (-550)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (-260)
  • Minnesota Vikings (-260)
  • Los Angeles Rams (-170)
  • Green Bay Packers (-170)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (-145)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (-140)
  • Houston Texans (-135)
  • New Orleans Saints (-130)

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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: NFL Top 100 Vote Tom Brady To No.1 Again



Brady Does It Again

When it comes to the NFL players, everybody has a different opinion, regardless of whose team they are on. The total players who vote is 1,100 total. (That is huge) Tom Brady has been voted to the NFL Top 5 every year since the NFL Top 100 first begin in 2011. Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski has been a consistent member as well on Top 100 (voted #15 this year).

Sadly, they are the lone Patriots on the Top 100 this year. Although, the players sees only one who is above all the rest, and that is Tom Brady. It’s a very huge oddity because Brady should be getting worse with age. (He is turning 41 this season) Yet this year he was voted the NFL’s MVP.

The simple fact he was voted to the same rank not once or twice but three times! He is in his 40s, and that fact alone is incredible. It should be seen as a tribute to just how much of an out-liner Brady really is. What he is doing is not normal, and if Brady is truly convinced he can play till 45, he will.

The Patriots long-term signal caller was voted No.1 back in 2011 and has been voted No.1 in 2017 and now 2018. If this doesn’t say how much respect Brady gets from his fellow players, then there is little else to say. Many other players on the list deserve a lot of respect such as Antonio Brown (WR), Carson Wentz (QB), Russell Wilson (QB), Aaron Donald (DT) or Todd Gurley (RB). However, the players all voted, and going into 2018, Brady is seen as the best among them.

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