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Connelly’s Top Ten – All Star Break is Over Let the Four Hour Games Resume!



Connelly’s Top Ten – All Star Break is Over Let the Four Hour Games Resume!

1.Red Sox and around baseball

* 32-32 and they win 100 games
* All Star break - 1978 team was 57-26 / this team is 68-30
* After All Star break 1978 team was 42-38
* 15-17 to end the 1978 season
* 20 major leaguers are on pace to strike out at least 150 times
* Chris Davis has 18 hits / 116 strikeouts
* Six pitchers on pace to win 20 – Snell, Lester, Severino, Scherzer, Kluber, Nola
* Fifty-eight pitchers have better ERA’s than David Price but he makes more than them

2. After seeing pictures of Tom Brady on the beach this week its apparent that he has dropped the Alex Guerrero pliability approach and adopted the Rich Garces Quarter Pounder regime.

3. Players that played in four decades:

* George Blanda……..1949 to 1975
* Ricky Henderson…..1979-2003
* Omar Vizquel………1989 - 2012
* Gordie Howe……….1946-1980 Five Decades
* Mark Messier……….1979-2004
* Mark Recchi………..1988-2011
* Chris Chelios……….1983-2010
* Ray Bourque………..1979-2001
* Mike Mondano………1989-2011
* Rod Brind Amour……1989-2010
* Tim Horton………….1949-1974
* Stan Mikita…………..1958-1980
* Matthew Schneider…..1987-2010
* Rob Blake……………1989-2010
* George Armstrong……1949-1971

4. Terrell Davis, Doak Walker and Gayle Sayers all made the Hall of Fame playing less than 80 games (equivalent of five seasons)

5. Position ranks – Who would you want as your shutdown corner against a great receiver:

* Michael Haynes
* Darrelle Revis
* Ty Law
* Raymond Clayborn
* Aqib Talib
* Assante Samuel (hold on to the ball)

6. What will everyone say if this Patriot team goes 8-8:

* Why couldn’t you let Guerrero in the locker room
* Brady wasn’t committed
* Shouldn’t have traded Jimmy G (and his porn star date)
* Gisele is Yoko
* The documentary tried to warn us
* Gronk came back for the money
* Spoiled athletes looking for fun and not excellence
* Never took care of the linebacker problem
* Another bad draft – never addressed needs – should have traded up – Vrabel stole his two players in the draft
* McDaniel was causing trouble behind Bill’s back
* Knew it was Bill’s last year – he was a lame duck
* Bob Kraft started to get in the middle of football operations
* Inmate running the asylum

7. Old School – In Jackie Robinsons first minor league game for Montreal – he played in Jersey City. The Jersey City Mayor Frank Hague was in charge of tickets – he sold 51,872 tickets for a stadium that fit 25,000 – Robinson three hits including a home run

8. Amazing Stat – 1966 All Star game – National wins 2-1:

* Game took 2:19

* Four pitchers for the National League – Koufax, Marichal, Bunning and Perry – all in the Hall of Fame / combined for 946 wins
* First five hitters for the National League are in the Hall of Fame – Mays, Clemente, Aaron, McCovey, Santo

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – In the 1940’s, Mayor Tobin proposed to the city council a $1,000,000 football stadium to seat 75,000 to 100,000 – the three sites chosen were Columbus Park Stadium in South Boston, Readville Dog Track (Stop and Shop distribution center), Fens Stadium.

10. Randomocity

* Not that funny – Steve Martin
* Marcus Smart getting overpaid tells me that Rozier and Kyrie are gone next year and they have money to spend
* Tiger should be more focused in England without any Waffle Houses over there
* Didn’t watch one second of the All Star game or Home Run Derby
* Who would have guessed that after the World Cup the sport of diving would gain such interest
* If you get a chance watch the Robin Williams documentary on HBO – he was a tortured genius

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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  1. Greg Robinson

    July 20, 2018 at 10:27 AM

    Loved the Robin Williams doc. Makes you remember how unique he was. Got a chance to see him do stand-up at a smaller venue in SF a couple years before he died, was still great.


    July 20, 2018 at 12:15 PM

    One of your best!!! Did you just jinx the Sox with the 78 comparison (still best Sox line-up ever),

  3. Barry Wolfe

    July 20, 2018 at 6:30 PM

    Ted Williams-4 decades

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Sale and Sox and Weather Stay Hot




Connelly’s Top Ten – Sale and Sox and Weather Stay Hot

1.Red Sox

* Red Sox have scored 39 runs in Sales last 5 games
* Nunez has hit into 13 double plays in 318 at bats - one every 24 at bats (Jim Rice in 1984 – 36 in 708 at bats one every 19.6 at bats)
* Sox have won more games on the road 36 than the Royals and Orioles have won at home combined 30

2. British Open

* Great to see Tiger’s red shirt on Sunday of a major
* Tiger’s red shirt is great for DVR – you can fast forward until you see the color
* I would have to say Tiger choked – as soon as he took the lead he stopped hitting fairways
* How many times did Jack Nicklaus lose a lead on the back nine of Sunday in a major?

3. Around Baseball

* Josh Hadar other than his tweets is unhittable - 50 innings this year for the Brewers - 93 K
* From reader Bill – the two leading active pitchers in wins are both 50 to 75 pounds overweight – Sabathia and Colon
* Royals and Orioles are a combined 65.5 games out of first

4. Patriots start this week – what to expect:

* People using up vacation time to sit and watch football drills
* Goofy singing of Happy Birthday to Tom Brady (he will be nine years from 50!)
* Bill swinging his whistle with the string
* Big chubby guys running around the outside of the field because they didn’t pass the fitness test
* Malcom Mitchell not practicing again
* Bob Kraft hair longer in the back

5. Position ranks – Best fictional Sports Character in movies:

* Roy Hobbs
* Jimmy Chitwood
* Paul Crewe – Longest Yard
* Rocky Balboa
* Rod Tidwell – Jerry McGuire
* Roy McAvoy – Tin Cup
* Trooper Thorn – Quiet Man
* Hansen Brothers
* Bruce Pearson – Bang the Drum Slowly
* Dave – Breaking Away
* Buttermaker – Bad News Bears

6. Tampa vs Boston since 2008

* Red Sox 939 wins / $1,668,000,000 salaries = $1,776,357 a win
* Tamps 904 wins / $681,000,000 salaries = $753,318 a win

7. Old School – April 28, 1946 – On the same day – Boston’s baseball teams went 4-0. Red Sox and Braves both swept doubleheaders:

* In the four games – the two teams only used four pitchers and only gave a total of 4 runs
* Game times were 1:46 / 1:48 / 2:05 / 2:26
* Braves played at Fenway Park – Tom Yawkey refused to accept the offered rent for the field (Braves responded by offering to let the Red Sox use their field with lights for a night game)
* In the Red Sox game in Washington – Williams was mobbed as he came off the field – fans ripped the buttons off his shirt – he threw his hat to a veteran he saw in the crowd

8. Amazing Stat – Best Month as a Red Sox pitcher:

Sale – July 2018……….3-0 / ERA 0.47 / 33 K to 2 BB
Pedro – July 2002……5-0 / ERA 0.64 / 59 K to 9 BB
Clemens – April 1991..4-0 / ERA 0.28 / 34 K to 5 BB

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Sports Heroes

* Babe Ruth
* Ted Williams
* Joe Louis
* Ali
* Joe DiMaggio
* Mickey Mantle
* Bobby Orr
* Bobby Jones

10. Randomocity

* NFL coach Tony Sparano was released from the hospital and died of a heart attack two days later – someone has to be held accountable – right?
* Is it to cliché to order chicken parm at an Italian restaurant?
* Thursday, Friday and Saturday weather might have been an A+
* With all the millennials in South Boston it’s like a college campus on Broadway Street
* When its all said and done – will Amazon ruin the US economy?

PS - good call by reader Barry - I missed Ted Williams played in four decades 1939-1960 (special on him Monday night 9:00 on PBS)

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Connelly’s Top Ten – All Star Break is here!




Connelly’s Top Ten – All Star Break is here!

1.Red Sox

* Sox on pace for 112 wins
* All Star game the halfway point – I don’t think so - season is 61% over
* Red Sox are 12-2 in July
* 12 pitchers used Sunday
* Newly acquired Steve Pierce hit a home run in his first Fenway at bat – reminded me of Rob Deer who came over from Milwaukee and hit a HR in his first at bat and went 3 for 6 on August 22, 1993.
* The grand slam by Mookie Betts will be shown for the rest of his life – retirement, hall of fame, death….

2. World Cup

* Croatia dominates game and loses 4-2: attempts 15 to 8 / Corners 6 to 2 / Passing attempted 548 to 269 / 61% possession
* Not good for the sport of soccer when the first goal (that changes the complexion of the game) is a free kick because a player dived (use replay in all sports as much as possible but make it fast)
* France gets $38mm / Croatia $28mm / Belgium $24mm / England $22mm
* Got to hand it to Russia a problem free World Cup (granted anyone who misbehaved is now laying train tracks in Siberia)
* 4-2 score if you have had the over – you win

3. Around Baseball

* Pablo Sandoval has hit 8 home runs in San Fran on the Red Sox dime ($18mm for Red Sox $500,000 for Giants) – he hit 14 in three seasons with Sox. By the way you have to pay him $18mm next year as well.
* Madison Bumgarner was the best starter in baseball going 51-28 with an ERA under 2.90 from 2014 to 2016 – after suffering a dirt bike accident he has gone 7-12 with a 3.20 ERA
* Houston Astro Alex Bregman has hit 20 home runs before the All Star game – he hit 21 in his entire college career at LSU – things that make me go hmmm.

4. Dodger second baseman Chase Utley announced retirement at the end of the year – people are asking if he’s a hall of famer –how does he compare to Dustin Pedroia:

Utley – 1,882 hits / .276 average / 259 HR / 6 All Stars
Pedroia-1,803 hits / .300 average / 140 HR / 4 All Stars / 4 Gold Gloves / MVP and Rookie of the Year

5. Position ranks – Who would you like as your color analyst (at their best)

* Dennis Eckersley
* Derek Sanderson
* Gino
* Bob Cousy
* Ken Harrelson
* Jerry Remy when with Sean McDonough
* John Pierson
* Johnny Pesky

6. With what Javier Baez is doing in Chicago – I put him up there with one of the most electric infielders ever - What other infielders would have magical videos:

* Ozzie Smith
* Gary Templeton
* Omar Vizquel
* Brooks Robinson
* Roberto Alomar
* Alex Gonzalez

7. Old School – In a 1946 baseball game between Brookline High School and Arlington High School.

* Brookline pitcher Hal Moffie – first game he ever pitched
* Moffie faced 50 batters
* Walked 20 / Struck out 10
* Arlington won 9-8
* Baseball coach was Brookline hall of famer – Tom Fitzgerald
* If you assume that each walk is 5.5 pitches and each strike out is 4.5 pitches and every other at bat is 3 pitches – then Moffie threw 215 pitches

8. Amazing Stat – Red Sox best two pitchers over the last 30 years Pedro and Sale. Below career win and losses (%) by month – Pedro first column Chris Sale second

April….35-8 (.813)……19-7 (.730)
May…..43-12 (.781)…22-4 (.846)
June…..35-20 (.636)…19-12 (.612)
July…..36-12 (.750)….16-10 (.615)
Aug…..39-20 (.661)….14-13 (.518)
Sept…..31-28 (.525)….11-16 (.407)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Most visited national parks (National Geographic)

1. Great Smokey Mountains…..11,000,000
2. Grand Canyon………………7,200,000
3. Zion………………………..4,500,000
4. Rocky Mountains………….4,200,000
5. Yosemite…………………..4,000,000

10. Randomocity

* Isaiah Thomas goes from potentially making $30,000,000 to $2,000,000
* American John Isner has played in two of the three longest matches in Wimbledon history – a combined 17 hours and 41 minutes
* Remember when people were saying that Pedroia signed a bad contract – Sox owe him $40mm in the three years after this year
* With the crowd standing for Mookie during his great at bat last week – it reminded me of 1977 and the crowd chanting Boomer and George Scott hitting a home run into the center field bleachers

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Back up the Armor Truck for Mookie




Connelly’s Top Ten – Back up the Armor Truck for Mookie

1.Red Sox - Betts grand slam at bat stuff:

* 13 Pitches
* Nine minute at bat
* 32 Minute inning
* Great call by Eck – before the 13th pitch “Time to party right here!”
* No Curtain Call – pink hats – ugh!

2. World Cup - Croatia in the finals and has a population of 4,171,000 (Oregon 4,142,776) / USA 325,700,000 – didn’t even qualify

3. They were talking about this on the radio about some article – how spoiled we are – 2017-2018:

Bruins …..50-20-12
Red Sox….66-29
Total……..184-71 (local teams won 72% of games this year)

4. Looking ahead to the playoff pitching match ups against Astros - ugh

* Sale vs. Verlander
* Porcello vs. Cole
* Price vs. Kuechel
* E Rod vs. McCullers or Morton

5. Position ranks – Athletes in this town that I would examine their head and heart to capture the right make up for Boston (not Price or Eason or Out of Service Pervous)

• Pedro
• Troy Brown
• Brady
• O’Reilly
• Neely
• Ortiz
• Schilling
• Tim Thomas
• Dave Cowens
• Larry Bird
• Bill Russell
• Rodney Harrison
• Wes Welker / Edelman / Amendola

6. Speaking of Amendola, Edelman, Welker and Brown – what is their average life expectancy – I say 64

7. Old School – Quotes from Globe article related to big Jimmy Fox trade to Red Sox in 1935:

* Most important single trade in history of baseball
* Establishes Yawkey as the most lavish spender in the long line of diamond magnates
* All the clubs are agreed that the Red Sox are the favorites
* Yawkey passed the $1,000,000 mark in cash laid out for players in just three years
* Foxx finished the year 41 HR / 143 RBI / .338 avg (only 11th in MVP voting)
* Team finished 3rd with 74-80 record

8. Amazing Stat – Red Sox Betts and Benintendi are on a combined pace for

* .323 average (348-1,078) 86 doubles / 11 doubles / 62 HR / 172 RBI / 56 SB – 5 caught stealing

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Cool songs from movies:

* As Time Goes By - Casablanca
* I Love You Baby – Deer Hunter
* You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling – Top Gun
* Old Time Rock and Roll – Risky Business

10. Randomocity

* I hope people are keeping an eye on the Thai coach and potential suicide?
* Red Sox are 36-5 when Martinez drives in a run
* Someone on the radio was saying that American kids wouldn’t have been able to last that long in the cave without a playstation
* Summer drinks – I give the nod to lemonade over ice tea and fruit punch
* Potsie Webber bigger goof ball than Frank Byrnes

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