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eSports: So Its Called Overwatch League



Overwatch Taking Over The Video Game World

So if you haven’t heard of Overwatch yet, get ready…it’s the eSports Video Game that is sweeping the Nation!  With an average viewership of over 100,000+ Views each night, its quickly becoming the hottest eSports Game in North America.

Tonight [Saturday] it’s Stage 2 Week 2 Day 4 of the First Year of the inaugural Overwatch League, broadcast on and MLG Network.  It’s a multinational eSports League based right here in North America.  Overwatch League started on January 11th of this year with Stage 1, which lasts 5 Weeks before a mini-playoffs to decide the best Team of that Stage, 4 Stages in all.  During each Week of play, there are 4 Days of consecutive Matches, from Wednesday to Saturday, 3 Matches each Day.

So that’s pretty much the format, there are 12 Teams:

  1. Boston Uprising
  2. New York Excelcior
  3. Seoul Dynasty
  4. London Spitfire
  5. Philadelphia Fusion
  6. Los Angeles Valiant
  7. Los Angeles Gladiators
  8. Houston Outlaws
  9. Dallas Fuel
  10. San Francisco Shock
  11. Florida Mayhem
  12. Shanghai Dragons

With just two Divisions: Atlantic and Pacific

If you’ve missed any over the action of this popular eSports Game, you can easily catch up with VOD, Scheduling, Live Streaming and more on the Overwatch League App!

If you are new to Overwatch let me sum up a few things for you.  Overwatch is a First Person Shooter, with the exception of a few Mele-Type Character Options. There are Several Characters you can play that can be broken down into 4 Types: Tank, Heal, Support, and Damage.  Each Character has its own unique play style which varies vastly from each other.  Each Character has a Standard Attack, plus Alternate Skills, and one Ultimate Skill which charges up with each Skill or Attack use.

There are 4 Maps that are played in each Match, a 5th for tiebreakers, the most Team with the most Map Wins Wins.  The extra 4th Map is played for Division Tie-breaking purposes.  The Maps vary widely in size, scope, and objective.  There are 4 different Map Types that are played in each Match: Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid. In each Map Type, the Team with the Most Points Wins, usually 3.  If there is a Tiebreaker then a Time Element is added as both Teams continue to play the same Map.

There are 6 Players playing for each Team, but Alternate Players can be subbed in between Maps.  So some Teams can be very deep while others are not as deep.  Players on each Team are not limited to what the other Team’s Characters are.  Also, Players can change Characters mid-fight, but they lose their charge on their Ultimate Skill.  In fact, each Team can have the same Characters as the other Team.  And Character Change happens in Spawning Zones.

So that’s basically the gist of this exciting eSports Game.  The League is off to a hot start especially for a Video Game that has been out for 2 Years.  The recent success has everything to do with Blizzard Entertainment’s staggered New Character Release and PC as well as Console support.  This game is constantly offering new items for Players to earn or buy.  From Skins to Sprays, to Emotes, and even Victory Poses.  With the Overwatch League starting in Burbank, CA in the Blizzard Arena look for this League to expand over the coming Months.  There has already been Franchising of Teams and a huge outpouring of support from fans around the world.  As well as large sponsorship by Companies like Toyota, T Moblie, HP, and Intel.  Even Sour Patch Kids!

Following it since the beginning, I for one am excited about the Overwatch League and I will look to be covering it over the coming Weeks.  So far the Overwatch League has offered Viewers an in-depth view of the eSports League as well as an enjoyable experience for Millennials and avid Gamers alike.  It’s something that can be watched in the 3rd Person and other views.  The Observing View is something that adds to the richness of the Game and makes the Game very watchable.  There are some other great things about this League with great Casting and in-depth Strategies.  As well as Interviews and behind the scenes video shorts.

New York Excelsior has taken the top spot with their fantastic play in the Stage 1 Playoffs.  But I will be rooting for Boston Uprising or Seoul Dynasty.  GG!  Cheers!

I'm a self published writer and illustrator. I follow Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, some Golf and some eSports.


Connelly’s Top Ten – Sox-Yanks a Dud / Over-rated Movies / Don’t do Tommy John




Connelly’s Top Ten – Sox-Yanks a Dud / Over-rated Movies / Don’t do Tommy John

1.Red Sox

* Now that’s the David Price we know and hate

* Three blowouts

* Hot summer weekend is perfect for a lazy afternoon Red Sox game – but all three night games

* Devers five for five on Saturday should have traded him that night

* Watching Jackie Bradley making a great catch in center field and dawned on me – he is Marcus Smart – amazing on the defensive end – maddening on the offensive end

* Almost time to let Chris Sale skip a start – can’t have him toast in October

2. World Cup

* Ronaldo is to Brady as Messi is to Manning – there is no more discussion

* I like the shootout –

* No Sibera for the Russian team with their victory

* Denmark goalie Kasper Schmeichel could play for me any day

3. Around baseball

* Since Joey Votto called out his 15-30 Reds they are 21-18

* Baseball is sliding towards track and field and horse racing and boxing – attendance at four games Saturday – In Oakland 17,748, At Miami 10,523, At Cincy 24,640, at Tampa 18,378

* Tim Tebow hot in the minors made the All Star team – can’t keep a good person down

4. Dombrowki not good for Red Sox minor league program:

* Four Red Sox affiliates are a combined 27.5 games out of first place

* This year’s first pick – Triston Casas out for season after two games / 2017 first round pick Tanner Houck 3-9 5.18 ERA / 2016 first round pick Jay Grome out for the season

5. Position ranks – To do anything clutch:

* Adam Vinatieri

* Larry Bird

* David Ortiz

* Pedro

* Danny Amendola

* Mike Vrabel

* Sam Jones

* Ray Allen

* Dave Henderson

6. Interesting facts from a recent Boston Globe article on Tommy John and Tommy John surgery.

* 25% of active major leaguers have had Tommy John surgery

* 25% to 30% of teenagers that have Tommy John surgery are out of baseball within two years

* From 2003-2014 – Tommy John surgeries were up 343%

7. Old School – Celtic first round pick misses flight and first practice this weekend – this is the catalyst for a list of troubled Celtics:

* Marvin Barnes

* Curtis Rowe

* Delonte West

* Sly Williams

* Bob McAdoo

* Ricky Davis

8. Amazing Stat – Over and under paid

* Tampa, Milwaukee, A’s, Phillies and Braves are a combined 43 games over .500 and have an average payroll of $99.8mm

* Toronto, Mets, Texas, Orioles, Tigers, KC – 108 games UNDER .500 and have an average payroll of $158.8mm

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – My list of over-rated movies

1. Titanic

2. Blues Brothers

3. Any James Bond movie

4. Good Fella’s

5. Close Encounters

6. Pretty Woman

7. Top Gun

8. Lethal Weapon

9. Austin Powers

10. Any Adam Sandler movie

10. Randomocity

*I was right on rabbits three years ago – they are every where – now reader Jody is predicting foxes as the next problem (first Canada Geese, then rabbits, then turkeys now foxes)

* I’m psyched Lebron is going to Lakers – wouldn’t want him

* Happy 4th of July to Boots and the entire country – we are citizens of the greatest nation known to mankind – we can never forget it!

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Overwatch World Cup Group Stage is Taking Place in August



It’s time to talk about the World Cup… [No, i’m not talking about Soccer] The other World Cup.  The Overwatch World Cup that is!  Time is ticking away on the Calendar as Overwatch Mania is sweeping the World. The World Cup Group Stage begins on August 17th-19th in Incheon, South Korea.  And the Globetrotting World Tour continues on September 7th-9th in Los Angeles, California.  It continues on September 14th-16th in Bangkok, Southeast Asia.  Finally the last stop on the World Tour is on September 21st-23rd in Paris, France. The Top 8 Teams will play each other for the World Cup Title at BlizzCon in November.  Here is the official Press Release and How to buy Tickets to the Games:

“As the Overwatch World Cup national committees hold their roster tryouts, it’s also time for fans to prepare, as tickets are now on sale to the Group Stages in South Korea, the US, Thailand, and France, while supplies last.

The Group Stage is traveling to Incheon, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Paris, from mid-August through late September. Each will play host to that country’s home team and five visiting teams, over three days of intense competition. Two teams from each Group Stage will punch their tickets to the Overwatch World Cup Top 8 at BlizzCon in November. Whether you’re planning on traveling to a Group Stage event with friends, or coming to celebrate with your local Overwatch community, we can’t wait to see you there!”

You can check out the full Press Release on their website here:

I really can’t wait to cover the Overwatch World Cup, it should be a lot of fun! Go Team USA! …and Switzerland!  My Mom is Swiss so I actually always root for them when they are playing the International Circuit.  Whether its the Soccer/Futbol World Cup or the Olympics I’m always rooting for my Mom’s Country…

But wait there’s more?  More Overwatch News?  Yes, please!

So Blizzard has announced a new Hero that will be added to the Hero Pool in the coming Months.  They love doing that!  Anyways the new Hero is Hammond the Hamster!  A Hamster?  What?!  Nope really, it is a Hamster and it’s the new Tank.  The Hero Name is “Wreaking Ball” and he pilots a Mech with guns and everything.  Pretty far out!  So they also had a Press Release on this little adorable guy, check it out on their Website here:

So yeah, you can start testing him out on Overwatch PTR.  Blizzard always likes getting the community involved…  So as a Tank Hero I’m guessing he’ll have a lot of play time, as least more than “Symetra”.  Ok, kidding aside, a new Tank will definitely get people’s attention.  The way I see it a new Tank is definitely a good sign for Overwatch.  It’s been a “Winston”, “D.Va”, “Reinhardt” loaded affair, time for something a little new!  Genetically modified Hamster, Check!  Badass Modified Mech, Check!  Time to take ‘er for a spin!  Have Fun everyone!  Cheers!

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Brock Holt playing / World Cup Fun / Parcells over Gerry York




Connelly’s Top Ten – Brock Holt playing / World Cup Fun / Parcells over Gerry York

1.Red Sox

* Hector Velazquez is 9-1 as a Red Sox
* Brock Holt has over 1,500 at bats for Red Sox – more than Mike Napoli, Coco Crisp, Luis Aparicio, Bill Mueller, Darren Lewis, Kevin Millar
*Wednesday was the third Red Sox game over 4 hours this year
* If Ortiz and Pedroia (a reach) make the Hall of Fame – that would leave on Dwight Evans in the top nine in Red Sox at bats – NOT in the Hall of Fame
* Nine pitchers in a 4-2 game
* Red Sox season is half over – boring……..

2. World Cup

* I was wrong Argentina still alive
* I would like a replay of the top dives and count the rolls by an “injured” player – I’ve seen one player roll three times
* Tournament scoring - Eleven goals with the head, 38 with right foot, 24 with left foot
* I was wrong with Poland as my dark horse – new prediction – Croatia is going to the Finals

3. Could all four local sports teams have their coaches and general managers get votes for achiever of the year in their position:

* Belichick and Belichick
* Stevens and Ainge
* Cassidy and Sweeney
* Cora and Dombrowski

4. Penalty kicks is too much of a reward for fouled player – the kick should come from the spot of the foul – unless inside the dot

* World Cup history – 71.5% success on penalty shots
* NBA teams shoot – 75.9% on free throws
* NHL teams score – 19.6% of power plays

5. Position ranks – who would you want coaching in Game 7:

* Bill Belichick
* Red Auerbach
* Bill Parcells
* Terry Francona
* Tom Heinsohn
* Gerry York
* Tom Coughlin (BC)
* Clode Julian

6. In 1954 at the World Cup there were 26 matches and 140 goals 5.38 a game – this year 2.54 goals a game

7. Old School – Red Sox vs. Yankees 1978 and 2018 (imagine 40 years ago)

* 1978 Red Sox 57-25 / this year 55-27
* 1978 Yankees 45-33 (10 games behind)/ this year 52-26 (1 game behind)

8. Amazing Stat – Jackie Bradley versus the following pitchers has 110 at bats and has struck out 99 times:

* Hector Santiago, Jesse Chavez, Brett Cecil, Danny Farquhar, Trevor Bauer, Yu Darvish, Jordan Zimmerman, Ian Krol, Tony Barnette, Ryan Cook, Dylan Covey, Carl Edwards, Giovanny Gallegos, Zack Godley, David Hernandez, Kenley Jansen, Darren O’Day, Luis Santos, Ryan Yarborough, Verlander, Zynch, Wright, Wood, Thornburg, Thiebar, Sturdevant, Stumpf, Santos, Rondon, Rodney, Rivera, Reed, Rasmus, Ramos, Pomernz, Pestano, Perkins, Parra, Papelbon, Olson, Oliver, Morrow, Moll, Motusz, Letge, Knebel, Hinojosa, Heller, German, Garcia, Coke, Campos, Cabral, Burton, Burgos, Bueno, Boyer, Bosinger Blanton, Biddle Armstrong, Altavilla,

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – With the heat coming – July 13-14 – 1977 blackout of New York (Wikipedia)

* 1,616 stores looted / 1,037 fires / 1 murder (couldn’t see the target)
* 3,776 people arrested
* During the black out – Mets organist played White Christmas

10. Randomocity

* How many of the athletes in the ESPN nude issue juiced before pictures?
* Patriots camp 28 days away
* By the way Peter Chiarelli trading away Tyler Seguin was bad enough but when he got to Edmonton he traded Taylor Hall who was named MVP this year
* Largest average audience for a World Cup was USA in 1994 – 68,991
* Told you these long major league games are killers – they found a body at Atlanta stadium

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