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David Pastrnak Not Committed To Contract Negotiations With Boston Bruins



David Pastrnak Not Committed To Contract Negotiations With Boston Bruins With The Forward Not Even On The Same Side Of The World

Boston Bruins restricted free agent forward David Pastrnak is back in the Czech Republic kicking his 21-year-old feet up on the couch instead of being stateside to focus on reaching a contract agreement.

The news of Pastrnak not being stateside was reported by Darren Dreger with Pastrnak back in his home country with no plans of showing up to Boston Bruins camp without a contract. There is still a reported gap in both sides contract talks but they remain in contact and will continue to communicate with the goal of reaching a contract agreement.

To me, I seriously question the commitment by Pastrnak and his agent. The Bruins $6 million AAV starting offer went without a response for months and only kicked up discussions in the last week after Pastrnak’s camp floated the $8 million per rumor.

The fact that he is still in the Czech Republic shows a real lack of commitment from his side. Camp starts on Thursday and with Pastrnak still in a different country he will not be at the camps open with or without a contract being signed ahead of open.

Pastrnak’s unwillingness to negotiate is puzzling. The fact that the Bruins seem to be negotiating with themselves is a bad sign.

If the KHL rumor is true, Bon Voyage. Good luck playing in that mess eyeing an appearance in the Olympics. Pastrnak is not an $8 million per type of player right now. Could he towards the end of a deal? Sure. But if I am Don Sweeney, I tell Pastrnak and his camp to go screw.

Now I say that if the Bruins number on the AAV is around $7 million per. If they are less than that, then Pastrnak has every right to hold out. If he isn’t there this season the Boston Bruins offense will take a hit. But will it really matter in the long run? If they can play another young kid more and develop that player into a star this season or in that direction it might be more worth it than signing Pastrnak to an $8 million per contract.

If you are Boston, you hold. Pastrnak not even being on the same continent gives you that.

Still, have to think a deal occurs at some point tonight despite Pastrnak’s inability to simply show up.

Tanner founded Trifecta Network in Spring of 2016 and has been the Chief of Content for the Network since that time. Currently Tanner covers all the sports teams in Boston and has contacts in many of the teams in the city. Before starting Trifecta, Tanner was a Site Expert for the FanSided site Chowder and Champions before leaving to cover Boston teams on the ground as a member of the media for Trifecta.

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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Interested In Resigning Chara



Boston Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara is now 40-years-old, but he remains the center of the Black and Gold defense. This is true because even with younger talented players coming in, Chara is the player they look up to for guidance as they start their road to becoming NHL stars.

Chara’s long-term contract comes to an end after this season, but the Boston Bruins are interested in keeping this veteran leader around despite his advanced age.

“I’ve had talks with Zee, our indications are, as he has indicated, he would like to continue to play hockey,” said Sweeney. “We would like to continue to have him as a part of the Boston Bruins. So we will monitor that as we go through camp and as we go through the start of the season and have continuous talks.

“It’s important for him to understand that we are in his court in that regard.”

Chara confirmed that he had talked to Sweeney and also reiterates his interest in continuing his career with the B’s/

“We reached out and had brief talks,” Chara confirmed. “The interest is on both sides.”

Chara is the second oldest player in the NHL at the moment with Jagr still unsigned. Visually he looked solid last season and even seemed better than he had the previous season. In 2017 he scored 10 goals and 29 points in 75 games for Boston. He averaged 23:19 ATOI which is the lowest he has actually recorded as a member of the Boston Bruins.

He will enter his 12th season with the Bruins this upcoming season and will likely remain option A for the Bruins coaching staff. He will play top minutes once again and be a mentor to Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo.

Chara turns 41 in March and signing him would mean having a player on the roster at age 42 in the following season. But if he is still effective it makes sense to extend him as a veteran leader.

In terms of a timetable, there is none when discussing a contract extension.

“There’s no timetable to have those discussions,” Sweeney, who just wrapped up an exhausting and lengthy contract negotiation with restricted free agent David Pastrnak, offered. “I think he wants to play, he can do it, he’s an impactful player, and hopefully we can look forward to having him while he monitors how long he wants to play.”

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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Eyeing Bjork With Bergeron-Marchand



With fans getting excited for rookie Anders Bjork, the craze surrounding the forward has picked up even more. Bjrok’s impact or role on this years squad hasn’t been truly clear heading into camp, but two-days in and it appears a top 6 role is in his future.

Boston Bruins head coach, Bruce Cassidy, believes that Bjork will fit right into a top line featuring Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand. While that seems like a tall task, Cassidy believes that Bjork has the skill to be there.

“He’s got a history of scoring at the collegiate level,” Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy said when asked why he believes Bjork can be a fit with the Bergeron-Marchand combination. “He’s got pace to his game. Those are two things right off the bat.”

B’s camp just started this past Thursday. That means there is still a ton of time for things to develop. But Cassidy believes that Bjork is the type of player that is open to fitting the Bergeron-Marchand playstyle.

“Getting to know him as a person, I think he’s receptive to two those type of players,” Cassidy continued. “We’re hoping he can keep his identity as a player with what he’s developed so far in his young career, and do the things he needs to do to be successful, but also work with those guys and respect what they’re trying to do.”

If Cassidy is penciling in Bjork with Bergeron and Marchand. That likely means David Pastrnak, David Krejci, and David Backes will be the line right behind them. That, of course, follows the logic of using Backes as a wing instead of the third line center position.

With Bjork though, he still has a lot to prove to the team and will have to earn a spot on the roster let alone the prestigious first line with two all-star caliber players.

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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins And David Pastrnak Have Come To An Agreement



The Boston Bruins and forward David Pastrnak have finally come to a contract agreement. After months of negotiants and standoffs. The two are finally back together. According to Darren Dreger of TSN, PAstnaks deal will be 6 years $40 million  (6.6 AAV).

Pastrnak was the biggest question mark throughout this whole offseason. Most of us were starting to think it was never going to happen. Thankfully it is over and he is still a Bruin. This is a good deal 6 years not too long, and it will take him into his prime. Hopefully, he can have another outstanding year. We are not expecting 40 goals but at least another 30.

There is still one problem the kid is still in the Czech Republic. He will most likely finish things up back home and get on a plane as soon as possible. The best would be him here by Saturday.

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