Connelly Top Ten - Off to Typo Rehab Until April

Connelly Top Ten - Off to Typo Rehab Until April

1. Gutless Celtics Embarrass City

* In the last two games - the Celtics have allowed 140 points in the second half

* Al Horford - who has made over $150,000,000 - is a symbol of a soft, unhungry team

* Irving is not coming back to this heartless spoiled team of AAU players (he is one of them)

* Danny Ainge and owners should have stormed into the locker room like Red did in the late 70’s in Detroit to lambast the likes of Rowe and Wicks

* Went to the game Saturday night (TKS RTC) - watching the dancers, cheerleaders, t shirt throws, dunks by Lucky - I was thinking they should live mic on Tommy during these distractions - “This is Ridiculous!”

* Who has a better burst Hayward or Hogan

* Don’t think Doc Rivers didn’t like spanking the much more talented team led by Cub Scout Brad Stevens

2. Patrice Bergeron played in his 1,000th game which is 5th in Bruins history for games played - some stuff on that:

* Players who are 5th in games for the other local teams - Bill Russell, Mosi Tatupu and David Ortiz

* Players from each team whose contributions closely matched Bergeron - Troy Brown / Dwight Evans or Bobby Doerr / Sam Jones

3. James Harden has scored at least 30 points in 29 straight games

* Larry Bird‘s longest 30+ streak was 9 games (2/15/85 to 3/3/85) in which he averaged 35 points and made 10 three total pointers in those nine games

* James Harden’s last 9 games of 30 points plus - he has made 47 three pointers

4. Insane catches against Patriots in Super Bowl

* Kerse - 33 yards with 1:06 left

* Tyree - 32 yards with 1:15 left

* Manningham - 38 yards with 3:46 left

* Julio Jones - 27 yards with 4:40 left

5. Clemson might have been feeding its players muscle enhancers on the way to the National Title - imagine if that was the Patriots - here comes Congress

6. Chelsea in the English Premier League lost Sunday 6-0 - the team makes $2.6mm a week / Celtics make $2.4mm a week - donate the whole F-ing thing!

7. Amazing Stat - Brady Playoff passing yards versus the below Super Bowl MVP’s

* Simms, Starr, Williams, Foles, Dawson, Rypien, Namath = 10,084 yards

* Brady……………………………………………………………= 11,179 yards

8. Old School - At age 37, John Havlicek played in all 82 games and averaged 34.1 minutes a game which would lead the spoiled, soft, heartless Celtics in 2018-2019

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Maybe Danny Ainge should think of this - 68 years ago this weekend - Red Auerbach was suspended by the NBA forcing the team President Walter Brown to coach the team (Red didn’t need 10 assistants)

10. Randomocity

* Cool that Kent State took out an ad in the Globe to congratulate former player Julian Edelman

* YouTube - Peyton Manning retirement home

* Shouldn’t all Patriot training staff be handed bonuses for getting the team healthy for the postseason run?

* Taking a 20 second timeout on the Top Ten - will be back before Opening Day (you have to go find typos somewhere else)

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