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Boston Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney Must Keep Defensive Players on Roster



Boston Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney Must Keep Defensive Players on Roster With The Expansion Draft Coming Up

The Boston Bruins are currently in a situation no sports team wants to fall under.

Every NHL team is currently waiting for the expansion draft on June 21 and the Bruins are at stake. They have a player that they cannot loose at all.

The General Manager of the Boston Bruins Don Sweeney, has focused on the defensive side of the Bruin’s roster.

Players like Zdeno Chara and Torey Krug must be protected because they are key assets towards the direction of the Bruins. The Las Vegas Golden Knights want to take one of Boston’s key players onto their side. All they have to do is select the unprotected player in the upcoming expansion draft.

Sweeney needs to try to keep the Bruins in good fashion as they have improved under his correlation of leadership. If the Bruins loose their key defense, then it could be another rebuild for the them as they head into next season.

Editors Note For Context:

Below is the rules for protecting players, player exposure requirements, and who Vegas can actually pick off of each NHL team. It is also worth noting that many teams are looking to make trades right now to keep Vegas from taking the players they couldn’t protect. For example the Bruins have been connected to Minnesota in a trade that would net Boston young defenseman Jonas Brodin who the Wild cannot protect based on their roster. 


There are two options for protection:

  1. Seven Forwards, Three Defensemen and one goalie
  2. Eight Skaters (Forward/Defensemen) and one goaltender

Also all players who have a “No Movement” clause automatically have to be protected in the draft. Then all first and second-year pros, and all unsigned draft choices, will be exempt from selection.


All teams must meet certain minimum requirements in regards to the players that can be exposed for selection.

  1. One defensemen who is a) under contract in 2017-18, b) played in 40 games or more NHL the prior or played in 70 or more NHL games in the prior two seasons
  2. Two forwards, same rule apply from above
  3. One goalie who is under contract in 17-18 or will be a restricted free agent at the exasperation of his current contract immediately prior to 2017-18. If the team elects to make a restricted free agent goalie available in order to meet this requirement, that goalie must have received his qualifying offer prior to the submission of the club’s protected list

Players with a potential career-ending injury or have missed more than the previous 60 consecutive games may not fall under the requirements and are exempt. Vegas will make their picks by 5 pm ET on the 20th and the results will be revealed on the 21st.


  • Las Vegas must select one player from each team. 30 players in total.
  • Vegas must pick 14 forwards, nine defensemen, and three goalies.
  • 20 of those players have to be under contract for the 2017-18 season.
  • The team cannot buyout any of the players selected in the Draft earlier than the summer following their first season.

All Teams must have their list of protected players submitted by 5:00 pm ET on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins FanFest A Success In Providence



Boston Bruins FanFest A Success In Providence With Countless Fans Showing Up To See The Black and Gold Show

The Boston Bruins FanFest hit Providence, Rhode Island on Thursday afternoon from 2-7 pm. Boston set up at the Alex and Ani ice rink at Kennedy Plaza in the heart of Downtown Providence.

Fans lined up in the hundreds ahead of the open at 2 pm with the Bruins ready to put on a show for the fans in attendance.

Making appearances at the Providence event included Johnston, RI native Noel Acciari, and second year Bruin Riley Nash.

It wasn’t just the players who showed up though.

Bruins head coach and former Providence Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy was in attendance as well as Team President Cam Neely and NESN play-by-play broadcaster Jack Edwards.

Overall it is safe to say the turnout for the event was in the low thousands with many passing in and out throughout the entire 5-hour event.

Many fans were ecstatic during the FanFest and were more than happy to wait in lines to meet Bruins personnel and players.

With hockey season right around the corner, this FanFest can be classified as a success for both the Boston Bruins and the City of Providence.

Check out our gallery from our time at the event this afternoon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Rookie Charlie McAvoy Praises Chara



Boston Bruins Rookie Charlie McAvoy Praises Chara

The Boston Bruins have had one defenseman who has been better than their rest for a very long time. That player is Zdeno Chara. But Big Z might not have to be the best d-man on the B’s this season.

The reason for that is the insertion of rookie defensemen and former Boston University standout Charlie McAvoy. McAvoy projects to be one of the top 2 defensemen on the Boston Bruins this season and could overtake Chara as the best on the team.

That would be a long time coming, Chara has been the Bruins best for far too long. One concern fans might have is Boston trying to restrict the style McAvoy plays. But as shown in the 2016 playoffs the Boston Bruins are willing to allow McAvoy to get creative when moving the puck.

“They definitely don’t minimize [my creativity with the puck], they allow me to play my game,” McAvoy, currently in Toronto for the NHLPA Rookie Showcase, said of the Bruins. “And as long as I play a two-way, responsible game, and spend a lot of time in the offensive zone, I think everybody will be happy.”

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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Want To Sign Pastrnak Long-Term



Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Want To Sign David Pastrnak Long-Term According To Team Ownership

The David Pastrnak news continues to swirl around. On Monday we had the ex-NHL gm throwing out a trade rumor, on Tuesday Don Sweeney shot it down. And now on Wednesday, Boston Bruins owner Charlie Jacobs declares the team wants a long-term contract extension.

“There certainly was no intention to trade David,” Jacobs said during an in-studio visit to Fenway Park as part of the 2017 WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon. “Our intent is to sign David to a long-term extension.”

As for the Brian Lawton rumor, Jacobs wants to know who his source is.

“I think by virtue of it being the middle of August, some of the writers may feel compelled and come up with something interesting to sell a paper perhaps,” Jacobs offered, “I wanted to ask Brian Lawton who his source was, but I’m not sure he’d give it up.”

Jacobs said there has been no discussions with other teams regarding a Pastrnak trade and continue to publicly state they want a long-term deal.

“We certainly haven’t had any discussions with any other teams about trading David,” Jacobs said. “The only discussions that we’ve had are between David and David’s agent, and frankly conveying just what I shared with you, that our intention is to sign him to a long-term deal.

As for term, the Boston Bruins are thinking 6+ years.

“When I say long term, six or more years, that’s on our radar.”

As for my opinion. I believe the team is still trying to knock out a long-term contract with the young forward. There isn’t alot of trades I would consider. If you move on from him for a forward, that wouldn’t make sense. If you could land a young top of the league defensemen, then I am listening.

A player like Drew Doughty who is in the prime of his career would be a trade I would entertain if I was the Bruins. But I am not sure that type of yield will be out there for Pastrnak. I think one of the biggest issues right now is Pastrnak is asking for an much higher value than the Bruins are comfortable with.

I continue to expect a deal to be signed, sealed, and delivered right at the start of training camp next month.

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