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Patriots Talk: Should The Patriots Consider Johnny Manziel?



Plenty of Bad History

It’s quite incredible that Manziel is once again back in the news. What is even more shocking is that 13 NFL teams took came to his Pro Day last week in San Diego. (including the New England Patriots) Just a few days ago, he attended his old alumni at Texas A&M for their Pro Day. The truth is, Manziel is still an unknown. We have no idea just how much rust he has accumulated over the last three years out of football. However, many fail to realize he was set up to fail from the get go.

Manziel was a headcase, even back at school. As a freshman at A&M, Manziel already got into trouble with the law. He was arrested on June 29th, 2012 and was jailed on misdemeanors with police involving disorderly conduct, failure to produce identification, and possession of a falsified driver’s license. He was only 19 years old. This was before he even played a single snap of college football.

Being drafted to the Cleveland Browns (especially under owner John Dorsey) was arguably the worst situation possible for Manziel. Both as a player and person, Manziel was not under any real supervision to control his own actions and the results speak for themselves. He was out of the league after the 2015 NFL season due to off the field controversies (and plenty of issues with the Browns’ coaching and medical staff) and was unable to sign as a free agent in 2016. Soon after, he returned back to Texas A&M to complete his degree.

Believe in Second Chances?

Johnny said it best, until we see the results, he isn’t making it on an NFL roster. The reality is that Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent and was unable to get signed throughout the 2017 NFL season. Manziel will be lucky if he can get a NFL team to accept him unless they have the right culture and he is willing sincere about being changed.

The reason why I say this, is because Manziel messed up massively during his short career. He spent more time getting drunk, smoking, fooling around and partying all night instead of reading the playbook. This is not to mention the domestic abuse allegiances against him from his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley back in 2016. Until teams are convinced he has matured and changed, he is just sweet talking. He has made attempts of entering the CFL, but he is perfectly okay with signing as a camp body for the upcoming training camp within the next few months.

The Patriots are a team that, despite any ideas, have taken those who have questionable character issues (I don’t even need to say who it is I am referring to either). If he is willing to change, I don’t see why the Patriots can’t make an attempt at least.

Show Don’t Tell

Belichick is unpredictable, he has worked out players before and looking at Manziel, when he was coming out, many NFL experts had him as one of the top QBs in the 2014 NFL Draft. (The same draft that Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted in) He was right up there, as one of the best QBs in college football for a period of time. Manziel is still only 25 years old, and still has a chance of making a comeback, but only if he has truly changed. He can’t erase what he has done already.

I would be shocked if Belichick actually was serious about taking him onto the roster.  But it wouldn’t be for anything more than a massive discount. Until he shows results in training camp, don’t give him any offers, he hasn’t earned anything, so don’t give him anything. Manziel ruined himself and hit rock bottom, everything up till now has been all on him.

Despite all the criticism that he has gotten, he is only human. The guy came from a wealthy family, was very spoiled early in life, and was physically gifted as well. Manziel had it made and it all was wasted because he didn’t care. If he wants another chance, it can’t hurt to try, but there is no way he is earning reps until they get a real look at him. The Patriots need a QB to develop behind Brady when he retires. It most definitely will not be Manziel. That is a fact. But if anybody can turn him around, Belichick is the guy to put your money on.

Stephen is a Contributing Editor for Trifecta Sports Network and covers the New England Patriots and the NFL.

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New England Patriots

New England Patriots Met With QB Johnny Manziel



According to multiple reports, the New England Patriots not only attended Johnny Manziel‘s Texas A&M pro-day workout but they also had a meeting with the free agent QB before and after the session.

So in other words, prepare to see this in New England.

For those who dislike the idea, think Tim Tebow a few years back. Great preseason story to make things fun before the real football kicks in. And if he ends up working out great.

But even with them attending multiple workouts and talking with the free agent that doesn’t mean they are actually interested in signing him to a contract.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Re-Sign Waddle To Sure Up Offensive Line According To Report




With the New England Patriots missing out on Nate Solder they had to make a move. The move they ended up making took a little while to come to fruition but according to multiple reports, the Patriots have re-signed one of their own.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Patriots have re-signed left tackle LaAdrian Waddle to a one-year deal.

Waddle was shopping himself around the league prior to agreeing to the contract with LeAdrian meeting with the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the week.

Not re-signing Solder left a big hole for the Patriots on their o-line and with slim pickings on the free agent market Waddle was actually the best available after Solder.

Despite signing Waddle it is still highly possible that the Patriots will draft a left tackle and use Waddle simply as a stop-gap until they can bring a rookie up to speed.

Overall this was a good move that became necessary after Bill Belichick either misjudged the market on Solder or simply didn’t want the player.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Scouted Johnny Manziel’s Workout



Former NFL QB Johnny Manziel held a workout on Thursday in San Diego with NFL team scouts present. One of those teams?

The New England Patriots

According to multiple reports New England was one of 13 NFL teams who had a representative at Manziel’s workout.

The current Patriots depth chart at the QB position has Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer in that order. So, in theory, New England will need to bring in another QB preferably someone a tad younger than Brady or Hoyer. One would think the Patriots would draft a QB but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that they draft a QB and bring in another to have four in training camps this summer.

Manziel certainly fits the bill of a tryout. The former Aggie is now 25-years-old and a few years removed from NFL action with the Cleveland Browns but the troubled athlete has dedicated himself to once again becoming a force to be reckoned with on the football field.

It is more than likely that New England was just doing its due diligence by sending a representative to watch Manziel workout. But if the rep liked what they saw a workout in Gillette is certainly possible.

By all accounts, Manziel had a very effective throwing session by completing 36 of 38 attempts in what observers are describing as a light rain. Maybe that is enough to get Bill Belichick’s attention.

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