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Patriots Bits and Pieces- Super Bowl Confetti and More



The Bits and Pieces of a Patriots Weekend

Well, you know what they say about pre-season football in the NFL?

No really, do you know because I do not. I do know that it is never a good indication of how the regular season may pan out for any team. It is still a trial period for most teams and coaches to try new plays, let some rookies and newbies get some playtime, and for the New England Patriots, return to the site of last year’s Super Bowl and remember their amazing second-half come from behind victory in which I am still awe-struck.

Here some bits and pieces of what went down in Houston. And with a fumbling backup quarterback, a star defensive end not in action, and a 27-23 loss; I hope the Patriots don’t have a problem in regular season.

The Patriots got a friendly reminder of Super Bowl LI when they returned to Houston’s NRG Stadium Saturday night. Red and blue confetti were found in the Microsoft Surface phone system along the sideline. Could this be a sign from the football gods that the Pats are destined to go the distance again this year?

Tight End Rob Gronkowski played his first preseason game since 2012. The Gronk’s non-play up until now was based on coach’s decisions to limit exposure to injuries the star tight end was recovering from. Gronkowski for 14 of the team’s first 16 plays, but he finished with no catches and no targeted passes.

“It felt good to be out there, get my feet wet, to get the speed of the game. I love to play football,” Gronkowski said.

On the other side of the football, defensive end Trey Flowers did not play Saturday night. Flowers led the team with seven sacks last season. It is not believed that he is dealing with an injury, as he is one of the few top players that was not in action.

Quarterback Tom Brady also started Saturday night in Houston, playing for two drives and completing 6 of 9 passes with 67 yards and one touchdown.

In a post-game news conference, Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s ended with a question on if there was a feeling of nostalgia returning to NRG Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LI.

“That’s all in the past,” he responded. “I mean, it was great, but we’re on to 2017. I don’t think last year, two years ago or 12 years ago is that important. Trying to get this team ready to go, and this year’s team is this year’s team. It’s my responsibility to make a strong commitment to this group. I’m not trying to live in the past. I’m not trying to live in the future. I’m just trying to do a good job with the team we have today.”

New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was hard on himself following Saturday night’s 27-23 loss to the, as he lost a fumble on a crunching sack and later threw a sideline interception when he was attempting to throw the ball away.

“I was just trying to throw it away, but didn’t put enough on it,” he explained, as he was on the move to evade an oncoming defensive end. “It was just a bad play.”

The back-up to Tom Brady did look to stand tough in the pocket, taking some huge hits and leading New England on a scoring drive. The miscues, however, gave the Texans two scores and a 27-23 victory.

Small Town Boy from Oklahoma, I grew up writing poetry and short stories from an early age. Moved up North in later years and love my Red Sox and Celtics. I am self employed and an avid online poker player. I am very excited to be joining the Trifecta team! I will be writing about Celtics and Red Sox,, as well as all other Boston sports. I am looking forward to finidng and writing the unusual stories. You our readers are why we are here. Have a story you want told? My ears are always open.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Release Kony Ealy



Patriots Release Kony Ealy Who Failed To Master The Defensive Scheme

In a shocking turn of events, the New England Patriots have released defensive end, Kony Ealy.

Ealy came to the Patriots from the Carolina Panthers and was one of the lone bright spots for the Panthers in their Super Bowl loss two seasons ago. The Patriots traded for Ealy this past offseason sending Carolina the 64th overall pick for the Panthers 72nd overall pick and Ealy.

Vote Of Confidence Came Just A Day Earlier

This news is slightly surprising given the fact that just yesterday head coach Bill Belichick gave Ealy a vote of confidence.

“Yeah, I thought Kony has been better every week,” Belichick said. “The Jacksonville week was his best week and then I think last week against Houston was a little better and then this week has been a little bit better. Each of the last three weeks he’s definitely on the upswing. He’s been better in practice and made more plays in the game. Hopefully that will continue [Friday night]. He’s made solid progress.”

But that vote of confidence came at the same time the Patriots were reportedly trying to gauge the trade market for Ealy. Either the value wasn’t there, or Belichick cut the veteran to allow him to find a team of his choice.

Ealy had struggled to start training camp for the Patriots with the 25-year-old trying to pick up the Patriots defensive scheme. It is worth noting that he was starting to come around as of late. But he clearly did not click with his play style being vastly different than that of the retired Rob Ninkovich.

Ealy was listed as number 1 on the Patriots unofficial depth chart at LDE. Now the chart reads Geno Grissom and Detriach Wise. On the other side at RDE New England has Trey Flowers, Derek Rivers, Caleb Kidder, and Keionta Davis.

It is unclear at this time if the Patriots are looking for another option to plug in at defensive end with the team already weak at the position after Ninkovich’s retirement.

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New England Patriots

Edelman’s ACL Torn, Likely Out For The Season




Edelman’s ACL Torn, Likely Out For The Season

This is not the news you wanted to hear on a Saturday afternoon. It looks like Julian Edelman‘s season is likely over.

According to Albert Breer of MMQB, after a MRI Saturday it was confirmed Edelman has a complete ACL tear in his right knee. This means the 31-year-old will be out for the entire season.

This news hurts, but isn’t a shock with many in the Patriots locker room fearing that the wide receivers season could be over. Losing Edelman hurts, but it is something the Patriots have had to deal with in the past.

In 2015, Edelman suffered a broken foot against the Giants in Week 10. After that game the Patriots were 9-0, but Edelman missed the final seven regular-season games and the team went 3-4 in those games. The reason for the drop off was Tom Brady had little depth to work with in terms of receivers. This years team is built a little differently.

For starters the Patriots have Brandin Cooks who was an off season addition, they have Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Hogan both entering their second seasons in the Josh McDaniels offense, and they have the steady veteran in Danny Amendola who should see a nice tick up in playing time.

In back of the “top tiers” is a solid mix of receivers who could now make the final roster with the Edelman roster. Bill Belichick will likely look to K.J. Maye, Austin Carr, Cody Hollister, or Devin Lucien.

My pick?


He has upside and has had a break out preseason so far.

Edelman’s absence will be noticeable, it will hurt, but the Patriots are looking to persevere.

Gladiator 💪🏼🐿🏆

A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: A Dog Fight At Running Back



Brandon Bolden #38,Patriots RunningBack

Patriots Talk: A Dog Fight At Running Back

The Patriots are an interesting team because they make the most value out of their players but at the same time this opens up a lot of players that will not likely make the final 53 man roster. Bill Belichick has been one who will always have his full decision in when he knows for certain and right now, he is trying to create competition for each player to demonstrate their full abilities. The running back position this year is literally up for grabs as he had traded for running backs Rex Burkhead and Mike Gillislee (who returned to practice today and commented that he is feeling ‘at 100%’, so the heat is on for the team vs Detroit to see what he is capable of showing on Friday) this off season.

Bill Belichick said it best during his press conference on Sunday when asked how his thought process would be starting and how much time a player is given in the preseason.

“It could be a number of things, but I’d say the bottom line is we try to go through each player and each position and kind of have a rough idea of what our expectations are for that player during that particular game. Sometimes, Game 2 plays off of Game 1, so maybe somebody that didn’t get a chance to play in Game 1 plays more in Game 2 or vice versa. Sometimes you want to see different combinations of players. Again, at this time of year, all the players have played with all the other players at their position, so there really isn’t too much of that. But, sometimes it does give the coaches an opportunity to see how a certain group of players would work together – a certain group of linebackers or defensive backs or receivers, whatever the position is. So that could play into it, as well.”

Different Approaches Lead To Different Results

This is true as no matter what, each game a team will need to approach differently. Belichick has known this fact his whole coaching career dating back to his time in Cleveland. Each group of players at a certain position will need to be used in different ways that can demonstrate what a player’s approach will be when given the chance. All running backs are divided into categories like power backs, scat backs, receiving backs etc. Each player will have something to show. As of  this writing the Patriots current Running Backs core consists of:


With the exceptions of Gronkowski and Devlin, the running backs currently consist of seven players. Now so far, there hasn’t been enough fully shown so far to say who will be guaranteed a spot but many feel that Brandon Bolden will remain due to his ability on special teams, D.J. Foster has been shown to be a competitor so far James White and Dion Lewis have given their workload as well. Rex Burkhead, Mike Gillislee and Daniels Jr. are the only ones who still have a lot left to prove to get a spot on the roster. It’s clear that at least one or two of the players listed will not make the final cut.

Rex Burkhead Is Still Learning

Belichick included was asked on how newcomers like Burkhead were adjusting to his system within The Patriots offense.

“Rex has missed very little time. He’s basically been out there every day and we’ve worked with him in all areas of the game that we think he can contribute in, which is all three downs offensively and the four phases of special teams that he’s been involved with, from Day 1. And we do that with really all of our players. So, even though a player might not be first or second on the depth chart in a certain unit like a sub back or the punt team or goal line, whatever it happens to be, he might be fourth team or fifth team listed on the depth chart, but he’s in there and he’s learning those responsibilities.”

Despite what Belichick has stated here, it is evident that the Patriots are valuing Burkhead’s ability as a special teamer as well, which was clear from day 1; Burkhead a player that can do a little of everything. It is clear he is still trying gauge where he would feel Burkhead is best and Mike Gillislee is still trying to show what he can do. With Burkhead unlikely to make the Detroit game at Ford Field he will have a lesser chance to demonstrate his abilities which leaves the others to get the opportunity. Based on the current roster, I will predict that the team will likely have 6 running backs for the 53 man roster (majority of NFL teams carry about 4 but the team last season carried over 5). Glenn Gronkowski, D.J Foster and Daniels Jr. will likely not make the final cut and be put onto practice squad for this season.


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