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New England Revolution

New England Revolution Fall To Columbus On Wet Night



New England Revolution Fall To Columbus Crew SC On Wet Night At Home

The New England Revolution fell to Columbus Crew SC 1-0 on a wet Saturday night at home in Gillette Stadium.

New England was able to keep Columbus off the board for most of the game but gave up an 85″ goal to Lalas Abubaker of Columbus. The Revs couldn’t overcome the defensive juggernaut that is the Crew defense who have now completed four consecutive clean sheets.

1st Half:

1″ Game underway

2″ Revs get their first pressure of the game

11″ Rain is really coming down here with many fans seeking shelter

12″ Luis Caicedo given a yellow card for a bad foul

17″ Revs keeping the pressure up in what is a very slippery playing surface in the downpouring rain.

26″ Revolution have the edge in opportunities column but have yet to capitalize, rain slowing down.

28″ Both teams with 4 shots apiece, Revs though have 2 on target compared to 0 by the Crew

31″ Yellow card to Antonio Delamea

43″ Yellow card handed to Milton Valenzuela

45″ End of the 1st half 0-0

The Crew have 11-8 shot lead, Revs had shots on target compared to Columbus’s 1. Revs had 40% possession, and a 69% passing accuracy compared to Columbus’s 79%.

2nd Half:

46″ Zahibo in for Rowe as a half-time sub

52″ Dielna in for an injured Delamea

67″ Yellow card for Dielna

68″Tonight’s attendance announced, 14,087

72″ Still scoreless with Tierney keeping it that way with a critical play on defense. Someone needs to score.

75″ Fog rolling into Gillette

85″ Goal for Columbus scored by Lalas Abubaker

87″ Revs sub in Wright for Caldwell

89″ Yellow card handed to Anibaba

Tanner founded Trifecta Network in Spring of 2016 and has been the Chief of Content for the Network since that time. Currently Tanner covers all the sports teams in Boston and has contacts in many of the teams in the city. Before starting Trifecta, Tanner was a Site Expert for the FanSided site Chowder and Champions before leaving to cover Boston teams on the ground as a member of the media for Trifecta.

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New England Revolution

Revolution Talk: Experience Gained From Tough Opponent




Going into last weekends game against Columbus Crew SC, Brad Friedel knew his team was in for a challenge. Columbus coming in were looking for their fourth straight clean sheet, and were rolling after defeating Chicago 3-0 in their previous game. On top of that, Friedel was without two of his best-attacking players - Agudelo to injury, Fagundez to suspension.

To counter the subtraction of talent up front, Friedel chose to add Brandon Bye and Chris Tierney to the starting eleven as wingbacks, in an attempt to provide some width against the stout Crew back four. Although it didn’t show on the offensive end, Friedel’s system change was effective on the defensive end, stifling Columbus throughout most of the game. Columbus coach Gregg Berhalter adjusted by going to the long ball to try and beat the Revs press. A move that eventually generated a corner and a powerful header past Matt Turner in the 85th minute.

Although a difficult home loss versus a conference opponent, there was a lot of key minutes that some depth players got to experience. Rookie Brandon Bye was a threat down the right flank, as he’s showing more and more confidence every game. Brian Wright came on late to try and salvage a point for the Revs.

The University of Vermont standout impressed in his ten minutes of action, getting on the end of a couple long balls in the box. Creating multiple goal-scoring chances. It was just flashes, but if Bye and Wright keep improving like they showed. The Revolution might be deeper than we all imagined.

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New England Revolution

Revolution Talk: MLS Coaches Are “Very Confused” Regarding VAR Rules




Revolution Talk: MLS Coaches Are “Very Confused” Regarding VAR Rules

The New England Revolution fell just short on Saturday night against the Columbus Crew SC with the Revs losing to Columbus 1-0.

With Columbus being the No.2 team in the Eastern Conference the Revs had to make adjustments to their system, as for the implementation Head Coach Brad Friedel had some thoughts:” I thought the first half defensively, the system paid dividends. With the ball, we weren’t as good as we wanted to be. Made the change at half-time, brought Wilfried in, put him a little bit higher up the field. We wanted to control the game with the ball, which I thought we did in the second half.”

Columbus had a real knack for hitting long passes against New England and Friedel was first to note that the Crew was hitting long passes at an unfathomable rate.

I don’t think you will ever see a Columbus team hit as many long balls in a game. I mean, Zack Stephen very rarely tried to pass out of the back.

Friedel went on later to say: ”

As for the reason why the Revs lost Friedel said: “we lost on a set piece and a penalty decision that didn’t go our way”.

And speaking of that penalty decision the discussion of VAR in MLS comes back into play.

Video Review Still A Confusing Process For Friedel And Fellow MLS Coaches

When Friedel was asked if it was the correct call the New England coach said it was indeed a penalty but had a rather long segway into the confusion of the MLS VAR rules and what is and isn’t reviewable.

“Yeah I watched it, it is a penalty.” And if the referees said anything Friedel said “They say the same thing every game, that they are reviewing it. I think if you ask all the coaches around the league. Every single one of us is for video review, unequivically.” 

But there seems to be mass confusion regarding the review process amongst MLS coaches.

But, we are all right now very confused on what gets reviewed and what does not get reviewed. And we don’t know if they are actually reviewing it or not when they say it, maybe they are saying it so we just walk away.

As for that particular play, Friedel said:” I think most people that would watch that, would see it was a penalty. I don’t know why Brian Wright would fall down in that situation if it wasn’t. So, it is frustrating when things like that happen. And I am sure we will get through all the kinks in the video review. Because I am saying, we are all for video review. But every coach that I have spoken too now that we played, we are all pretty confused on what gets reviewed and what doesn’t get reviewed, why it gets reviewed, and why it doesn’t get reviewed.”

If you are now wondering what VAR is, in MLS it is actually just a fifth member of the officiating crew called the Video Assistant Referee. The following information is direct from MLS.

 The VAR’s job is to check for a potential clear error or a serious missed incident in four (4) match-changing situations: (1) goals, (2) penalty kicks, (3) straight red cards and (4) cases of mistaken identity. These are the only reviewable plays in a match.

Upon a recommendation to the referee by the VAR for a Video Review of a potential clear error, it’s the head referee’s decision whether to perform a Video Review by making the Video Review signal (TV box motion) at the first natural stoppage or when the ball is in a neutral zone. A neutral zone is an area of the field where neither team has an attacking advantage.

The final decision for video review is with the head referee with the VAR only able to suggest a review. Any play that falls into the four-match changing situations is allegedly being checked by the VAR who then decides whether or not to recommend a video review.

As for a coach like Friedel being able to ask for a review, MLS actually doesn’t think it is necessary which is rather odd.

Because every key match-changing incident is being checked, there is no need for players and staff to request a review. The head referee and ONLY the head referee can initiate a Video Review. Players or team staff cannot influence the referee during a Video Review and any players that mimic the Video Review signal (TV box motion) will be cautioned.

VAR and video review was launched by MLS back in 2017 and it is clearly still a work in progress. Despite it not being the reason the Revolution lost on Saturday it is still rather startling that even MLS coaches are confused by the current rules.

And based on the information available it is hard to blame them. MLS is going to have to either clarify the rules to its coaches and players or change them in a way that makes more sense. Video review is certainly a necessary aspect of modern day sports but ultimately it appears that the way it is currently situated in MLS is not conducive to long-term success until the confusion is cleared up.

What are your thought’s on VAR in MLS? Is it too confusing?

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New England Revolution

Revolution Midfielder Zachery Herivaux Called In To Play For Hati




New England Revolution Midfielder Zachery Herivaux Called In To Play For Hati’s National Team

On Thursday afternoon the New England Revolution announced that 22-year-old homegrown midfielder Zachery Herivauz was being called in to play for Hati’s National Team.

Herivaux is being called in to play in Hati’s upcoming friendly match against Argentina’s “A” National team. This is Herivaux’s second call-up to the Haitian National Team with his debut being back on October 10th 2017 for Hati’s senior team in a friendly against Japan.

In that match, the Brookline Massaccheusett’s native played all 90 minutes and even recorded an assist in a 3-3 draw. The HomeGrown Player is expected to miss two Revolution regular season matches with the May 26th at Vancouver Whitecaps FC and the May 30th vs. Atlanta United FC being the two he is expected to miss.

In the 2018 MLS season, Herivaux has made one substitute appearance and has had six additional selections to the 18-man matchday roster. His performance has certainly drawn attention with Head Coach Brad Friedel talking just this week about using Herivaux in an advanced midfield role.

“We put him in the game a little bit higher up the field because we still wanted to get pressure as much as we could to their center backs. And also when Michael Bradley pushed into the midfield, [we wanted to get Zach] onto Michael Bradley. That was the reason that we put Zach in. Zach can play as a six, eight, or as a 10 depending on the system that you’re playing in. It’s very good to have versatile players like that in your team.”

Herivaux was the third HomeGrown Player in the team’s history to sign and began his career with the Revs in the Revolution Academy and was named the inaugural UnitedHealthcare Academy Player of the Year back in 2014.

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