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How Can We Make Baseball Watchable Again



How To Make the Game Of Baseball More Entertaining

Over the years baseball has been a sport that is getting longer and longer. This is why I do not watch baseball anymore. I will watch if I am with a friend.I have watched the Red Sox 5 times. Now people might think this means that I know nothing about the sport, and should not say how to fix it. In the past, I would watch almost every game of the season from beginning to end.

I have watched the Red Sox, maybe  5 times this season. Now people might think this means that I know nothing about the sport, and should not say how to fix it. In the past, I would watch almost every game of the season from beginning to end.

Then the sport seemed to change, or maybe I changed, but I lost interest in baseball, mainly due to the pace of play. Just This year the Red Sox have played a few games that reached the four-hour mark. That is same time it takes to play a round of 18 walking the course. Then in the past couple of weeks, I have been watching the Little League World Series and I have loved every minute of it. These kids play ball like it should be played.

Then in the past couple of weeks, I have been watching the Little League World Series and I have loved every minute of it. These kids play ball like it should be played.

These games seem to go by really fast, then it hit me the kids only play 6 innings. This got me thinking what if the MLB shortens the number of innings in a game. Maybe not down to six but even one inning could save 1 hour of play on the high end.  I understand that the 6 innings is to protect the pitcher’s arms from injury and the kids themselves. Now the pitchers themselves have a pitch limit. The kids can only throw 85 pitches in a game, if they reach that mark mid count then they finish with that

Now the pitchers themselves have a pitch limit. The kids can only throw 85 pitches in a game, if they reach that mark mid count then they finish with that batter and have to be replaced, no buts. Then after the kid is not allowed to pitch for another 5 days again no buts. This is to prevent injury.

What if the MLB does something likes this and makes the game of baseball even more about strategy. Say all starting pitchers can only throw 90-95 pitches. If the pitcher gets shelled and only lasts three innings then too bad. Then other the other side he could pitch the whole game. Yes, this could hurt the bullpen guys like 8th inning guys and so on. This would also eliminate those guys and get rid of the bring one pitcher in for one batter potentially due to the shorter game.

Justin is a Computer Networking student at Wentworth Institute of Technology and joined the Trifecta Network as an Editor in February of 2016 and is a guest on Down to the WIRE Sports Talk.


Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots no Problem, Red Sox who cares? Kneeling




* Since Cam Newton’s fumble in the Super Bowl that he refused to pick up – he has an 8-10 record and has thrown – 21 TD / 19 INT

* Carolina 2-1 but have played a weak schedule - 49ers / Saints / Bills

* Look for Christian McCaffrey to have a big game against these Patriot linebackers – in three games he has 18 receptions for 173 yards

* Patriot defense is on pace to give up 43 passing TD this year

* Patriot defense on pace to give up 27 touchdowns of twenty yards or more

* Patriots 35-17


2.Red Sox

* Eduardo Rodriguez has given up 5 runs or more in 12 of 65 starts – not good

* Benintendi – had a 20 / 20 season in the bag but hasn’t stolen a base since 9/13

* Eck and Remy in the booth keeps getting better and better

* David Price gets a raise next year to $31mm

* I think the Red Sox have the most expensive bullpen in baseball history - $61mm -  Kimbrel, Price, Reed, Kelly, Thornburg, Abad, Ross


3. Why don’t I care about the Red Sox? In 1978, I was devastated by their loss to the Yankees – now the Yankees and their manager and owner are actually more likable:

*  Cowardly attack on Eckersley

*  Red Sox management broad brushing Red Sox fans as racists

*  Unlikable players – Hanley, Price, Pedroia (who would have guessed he would be on the list)

*  Pedroia throwing his teammates under the bus

*  Jackie Bradley setting up Eckersley and mocking him

*  John Farrell – the city emotionally invests in him during his cancer bout – all the while he is leaving his wife, hooking up with sideline reporter, is a terrible game manager and is painful to listen to in press conference

*  Fenway Park considered most expensive experience in baseball according to – ownership in rinsing every cent out of their fans


4. Why don’t these athletes have more perspective? Look at the lifetime earnings of half of the Cavaliers team (not including endorsements):


Dwayne Wade……$176mm

Deron Williams…..$143mm

Derrick Rose……..$115mm

Richard Jefferson…$110mm

Kevin Love……….$99mm

Jeff Green…………$71mm

Kyle Korver………$63mm

K. Perkins…………$58mm

JR Smith……………$57mm

T. Thompson……….$46mm

Combined Earnings $1,207,000,000 (That’s over a BILLION dollars)


5. In honor of Kyrie Irving come to town – a list of great talkers who couldn’t help themselves and were always available for a sound bite:

· Bill Walton

· Bill Lee

· Teddy Bruschi

· Carl Everett

· Rick Pitino

· Don Cherry

· Victor Kiam

· Ken Harrelson

· John Y Brown

· ML Carr

· Oil Can Boyd

* Julian Edleman

* Brad Marchand


6. In the 1972 NHL Playoffs – Bobby Orr registered a point in 14 of the 15 games / in seven games he had multiple points / 24 points in all - on the way to the Stanley Cup


7. Amazing Stat - Since Jamie Collins decided to free-lance in Foxboro and got himself traded to the Browns:

* Patriots 13-2 / Browns 1-10

* This season - 11 tackles / 0 sacks


8. In honor of Chuck Person getting bagged paying money to recruits at Auburn – lets go back to 1991 Game 5 playoff duel with Larry Bird:

* Chuck Person 43 minutes / 32 points / 5 for 9 from three-point land

* Bird hits his face on the parquet and leaves the game

* Bird returns – 33 minutes / 32 points / 9 rebounds / 7 assists

* Celtics win game and series with 124-121 victory


9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Thoughts on kneeling during the national anthem – if you would indulge me (feel free to skip):

* Supposition #1 - Both sides believe their stance is patriotic?

* Supposition #2 - The National Anthem is an important symbol of our country? Fort McHenry, Iowa Jima, 9/11 ruins, first African American Medal of Honor winner William Carney risking everything to carry the Stars and Stripes in the Civil War, planting the flag on the moon

* Supposition #3 If we all agree on #1 and #2 – Those that kneel are doing so with heavy hearts but do so because they are filled with conviction

* A challenge to Supposition #3 - If they love the country and feel compelled to take a stand – why can’t they do both – kneel but at the same time put their hand over their heart and/or sing the anthem with great passion (if they know the words?)

* Supposition #4 - 85% of NFL players are members of the 1% - from their first days in Pop Warner, to college scholarships to millions of dollars of salaries they have reaped the greatest materialistic benefits of this great country - which means they are considered advantaged

* Supposition #5 - If we agree on #4 agree – that means football players are actually kneeling for others that are less fortunate and lack a voice

* Question-related to #5 – If they are sincere, their commitment should go far beyond kneeling to include commitment of money and personal time. If not, then their kneeling is hollow and their intention is only to be divisive

* Supposition #6 - To say that they are using their platform to bring attention to the matter is not good enough – to be an individual of impact then you have to be part of the solution (define cause, articulate plan, state intended resolution).

* If someone doesn’t know why they are kneeling – to me that is cause for termination.

10 Randomocity

* DeShaun Watson handed his first NFL paycheck to cafeteria workers – that is special stuff

* End of the month Saturday means update time for Chicago – So far this year - 530 murders / 2,850 shot – or ten people are shot a DAY!

*  Side note on the kneeling and unity – Aaron Rodgers wants all the fans to lock arms as one (which I believe is sincere) even though he can’t even talk with his own family

*  National anthem suggestion – shouldn’t the fans sing the anthem with great luster – wouldn’t that send a clear message to the players?

*Rick Pitino finally knocked out - reminds me of Dan Shaughnessy’s great line when Pitino left Boston – “We thought we were getting Michael Corleone but we got Fredo.”

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Treasure Every Tom Brady Game!






·         Great win – but the Patriots have major problems on defense – there are no playmakers

·         Love that punk owner McNair celebrating in the box and then having the game stolen from the person he claims is bad for the league

·         Does Gronk play today without an incentive laden contract?

·         Didn’t waste any time putting Amendola and his fragile head back for punts

·         Similar to the Super Bowl – the Patriots were in better shape than their opponents


·         Treasure every game he is your quarterback – what a treat every Sunday

·         Ball security not great for Tom on Sunday – 3 fumbles

·         When Brady tripped and was lying on the ground – Clowney took a free shot at him

·         Does Brady have his own water bottle or is that Foxboro’s best?

·         Can’t believe Brady didn’t separate his shoulder on the Clowney sack

·         Insane pass to Gronk while falling to the ground – put it the hall of fame video montage


·         Running back touches – Gillislee -12 / White – 6 / Lewis – 5

·         A drop for Dwayne Allen and no catches

·         On the crossing route touchdown to Cooks – amazing to watch him accelerate

·         Patriots failed on another short yardage play at a crucial point in the game

·         I hope Dante Scarnecchia raises his voice this week


  • Patriots have given up 95 points in three games
  • Gilmore gave up his usual negative play per game – stupid interference
  • The Patriots starting linebacker corps of Roberts, Van Noy and Marsh make a combined $2.3mm a year
  • Signing a fragile Hightower after his Super Bowl sack is like signing a declining Mike Lowell after 2007 World Series


  • Bill going with blue windbreaker and John Thompson towel
  • Kraft with 0:23 left after Cook’s TD / following Gilmore’s interception


  • Patriots three opponents have committed 30 penalties for 234 yards in three games


* Announcers were on Watson for not calling a timeout why didn’t O’Brien?

* Another bad game for Ryan Allen  

* How about Marsh the nutty tattoo linebacker jogging off the field and being physically grabbed and tossed back toward the bench by a coach

* The Patriot fan with the silver paint on his face looked like he was melting

* What is funnier – Zolak giggling behind Bob Socci on a big play or Gino cheering while Gil calls a big play?

2. Red Sox

*  Mookie Betts should fire his agent – that kid should own this city – where are his endorsements?

* Red Sox will win the East without a 20 game winner / a 25 home run hitter / hitting under .260 as a team

* No Grand Slams this year

* Opponents are .132 off Kimbrel

* Hanley gets a $22,000,000 option if he has 1,050 plate appearances 2017 and 2018 combined – so far this year he has 529 which means next year 521 and we are stuck with him for 2019

3. NFL and College Football Preview

* Florida State is 0-2 but is ranked in the top 25 of the Coach’s Poll

* U Mass has lost their last six games by a total of 40 points

* Gotta love Steelers and Denver losing as cherry on top

* Blount 12 carries / 67 yards / 1 TD

* Brissette 2 rushing TD / 1 passing TD

* Jets not going 0-16

4. Travis Shaw compared to Red Sox third basemen

31 HR / 99 RBI / .274 / 9 Errors        

16 HR / 69 RBI / .252 / 32 Errors

5. Mt Rushmore of Red Sox closers – Papelbon, Foulke, Radatz, Gordon (Kimbrel not there yet)

6. Former Red Sox - Yoan Moncada average and home runs by month: July - 1 / .105 – August 2 / .238 – September 5 / .306

7. Amazing Stat – From Business Insider – In 39 different states, the highest paid public employee is either a football or basketball coach

8. Old School – Stanley Morgan had 19 touchdowns of 50 yards or more

9. Just a Little Bit Outside -  The Rocky movies grossed $672,000,000 at the box office

10. Randomocity

* Aaron Hernandez girlfriend has a lot of nerve suing anyone after she skated from conspiracy to murder charges (by the way if you are going to sue for hits to the head – doesn’t his college, high school and Pop Warner programs have to be co-defendants)

* Could Dennis Rodman play a significant role in preventing World War III and be awarded a Noble Peace prize?

* To honor both the sacrifice of our armed services and validate the sanctity of constitutional rights - Shouldn’t every person who takes a knee be compelled to articulate their stance?

* Remember when our symbols meant something to us -

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Brady Target, 300 K’s, Raging Bull




* Marcus Cannon and probably Gronk out – here comes JJ Watt

* Tom Curran is guaranteeing that Brady won’t complete 50% of his passing – ugh

* 8-1 lifetime against Houston – six straight

* Romeo has been able to confuse the Patriots offense

* Patriots 27-10 over Texans

2. Red Sox

* I like the decision to let Chris Sale go deep into the game Wednesday and get 300 strikeouts – now they can rest him over the next two weeks - one more start not to exceed 80 pitches

* Red Sox have a pitcher leading in wins and another leading in losses – 17 and 17

* With all the Red Sox extra-inning success (15-3)– I’m guaranteeing if they get in an extra-inning game in the playoffs they will lose (could be the first game)

* Has David Price scheduled his surgery yet and vacation spot for 2018 summer?

* Not only has Porcello given up the most home runs in baseball (35) amazingly he’s given up the most doubles (51)
3. Manny and Ortiz in 2004:

Manny…..43 HR / 130 RBI / .308 AVG / 175 Hits

Ortiz……..41 HR / 139 RBI / .301 AVG / 175 Hits

4. Playoff wins since messing with Patriots

* Raiders since whining about the Tuck…………0 wins

* Rams since whining about video of practice…..0 wins

* Jets since snitching on video……………………0 wins

* Colts since snitching on football air pressure…..0 wins

* Ravens playing a role in deflategate……………0 wins

5. Mt Rushmore of Patriot haters: Marshall Faulk, Bill Polian, Tom Jackson, Merrill Hodge

6. Around the MLB

* Altuve on a pace for 209 hits which would be four straight years with 200 hits

* Bryce Harper is averaging 127 games played a year

* Who is better catcher – Joe Mauer or Buster Posey: .308 / 33% caught stealing versus .308 avg / 33% caught stealing

* Todd Frazier is the Yankees version of 2004 Kevin Millar

* 24 hitters are on pace to knock in 100 runs – only five of them won’t strike out 100 times – Betts, Pujols, Rendon, Votto, Rizzo

* Tim Anderson of the White Sox is leading baseball with 26 errors           

* Five pitchers have an absurd strikeout to walk ratio over 5.00 / Kluber, Sale, Samardzija, Kershaw, Grienke 

7. Amazing Stat – In 1982, Ricky Henderson stole 130 bases. He attempted 14 stolen bases against Angles catcher Bob Boone who threw him out seven times.  

8. Old School – The 1939 NHL semi-finals, Rangers versus Bruins:

Former Ranger, Mel Hill scored three sudden-death goals for the Bruins including Game 7 clincher in a four-hour, triple-overtime thriller in front of 17,000 Boston Garden fans (netting the owner Brown family $5,500) – Boston Globe wrote: “Fans were dancing in the aisles, kissing each other, whooping like Indians”

9. Just a Little Bit Outside -  Jake LaMotta died this week - the source of the great movie Raging Bull:

* LaMotta fought 20 times in 1941 alone (5 times in April)

* Fought Ray Robinson five times beating him once

* Scorsese only agreed to do the film after he almost died from an overdose

* Deniro gained 60 pounds for the movie (145 to 215)

* Deniro fought in three fights to get ready and won two of them – LaMotta who trained him said he was a top twenty middleweight

* Budget of $18mm and made $23mm in box office receipts

10. Randomocity

* I like the Geico commercial with the football official ordering his dinner with his field microphone

* From the documentary Vietnam – Ho Chi Min was a pastry chef at the Boston Parker House

* Bogut to Lakers doesn’t help the Celtics cause in their quest for a high draft pick NFL and College Football Preview

* Picks for the weekend - Oklahoma State favored by 13 over TCU – like Ok State / Navy – Cincy – like the over 52

* Games of the week: Georgia vs Mississippi State / Air Force vs. San Diego State / Oakland at Washington

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