Connelly’s Top Ten - One more week to go to Super Bowl

Connelly’s Top Ten - One more week to go, Hall Of Fame Standards Dropping

1. Super Bowl Preview Stuff

* Brady has been sacked 1 time in his last 151 pass attempts

* McVay and Goff are 56 years old / Belichick and Brady are 107

* If Brady wins the Super Bowl he will be 30-10 in postseason / Manning only has 14 wins

* I guarantee this - If they change the rule on overtime because the other team didn’t touch the ball - next year the Patriots will lose the coin toss and win the game with just seconds left in the ten minute period

* Was Hogan’s catch better than Edelman’s catch against Atlanta? Both were challenged / both just over midfield

* Edelman catch in OT down the middle on 3rd and 10 (for 15 yards) was same route and hit as his 21 yard catch against Seattle on 3rd and 14 (except that time Edelman was running after the catch while unconscious)

* I thought the Snowbowl would never be topped - then I thought the Rams game would never be topped - then I thought the Seattle Super Bowl would never be topped - then I thought the comeback against the Falcons would never be topped - and then they do that in KC - spoiled we are

2. Baseball Hall of Fame - not your grandfather’s Hall of Fame

* Mike Mussina - Never won over 20 games / 8-9 in postseason / never won Cy Young

* Edgar Martinez - Top ten MVP voting twice / .266 postseason hitter / 172nd in hits / 131st RBI / 134th HR / led league in errors 1990

* Roy Halladay - Never pitched in World Series / see #5

* Harold Baines - Never won a batting title, never had 200 hits season / Is a .289 career hitter and didn’t play in the field (hardly)

3. Bruins, Celtics Patriots in January  17-6-1

4. Whining Patriot haters - penalty stuff

* Whole country crazy over Ford’s penalty because it was irrelevant to the play BUT the same exact thing happened with 3:21 left - Kelce fumbles ball recovered by Hightower brought back to KC 20 to virtually end the game - oh wait a second a penalty for holding away from the ball - hmmm

* Patriots flagged for six penalties before the KC’s roughing the passer (other than 3 yard penalty on KC)

* No penalty for a pick play on huge Watkins catch BUT Dorsett got called earlier for less egregious “pick”

* Penalty on Jackson in end zone (after Kelce push off) on ball thrown behind him BUT no penalty same corner of end zone on Dorsett TD

* Penalty down the sideline on Jackson for hand battle BUT same call not made when Gronk is held down the sideline or when Dorsett is held on back shoulder throw

5. Because he died in a plane crash? Halladay over Schilling and Tiant?

Halladay….203-105 / 3.38 ERA / 1.17 WHIP / postseason - 3-2 / 2.37 ERA

Schilling…..216-146 / 3.46 ERA / 1.14 WHIP / postseason - 11-2 / 2.23 ERA

Tiant……….229-172 / 3.30 ERA / 1.19 WHIP / postseason - 3-0 / 2.86 ERA

6. Hall of Famer Lynn Swann versus Julian Edelman

Swann regular season… 116 games / 336 rec / 5,462 yards
Edelman regular season.115 games / 499 rec / 5,390 yards
Swann post season………16 games / 48 rec / 907 yards
Edelman post season……17 games / 105 rec / 1,271 yards

7. Amazing Stat - Bang for your buck - quarterbacks pay per game:

* First - according to Spotrac - Tyron Taylor has a higher average salary than Tom Brady

* Brady is the 21st paid QB in the game

* Of the 20 QB’s that make more than Brady - only 3 of 20 made the playoffs

* Jimmy G’s average salary is $27,500,000 compared to Brady’s $15,000,000

* Brady is playing three extra games for no game salary - making his average game salary $833,333

* Aaron Rogers average game check this year $2,093,750

8. Old School - May 15, 1926 - Former Red Sox owner Joseph Lannin reportedly (fell or) jumped to his death from one of his buildings in Brooklyn. He owned the team for the 1914 and 1916 World Series before selling it to the dreaded HH Frazee for $1,000,000.

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - (September 14, 1971) Twenty-seven years after being awarded a Purple Heart, Hoyt Wilhelm struck out Willie Mays to record a save at age 48 and keep the Dodgers in the pennant race.

10. Randomocity

* Does Big Y grocery store wants to get into a partnership with Robert Parish?

* Seattle and Atlanta still haven’t got back to the Super Bowl

* Jamal Adams could have lost a million dollars on his attack on the Patriot mascot at the Pro Bowl this week (google Deontay Wilder punching ESPN mascot this year breaking his jaw) - Krafts should be concerned about the next level of Patriot hate

* Look out for potholes

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