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Connelly’s Top Ten – Green Team – Don’t Get Lured In



1. Celtics

* Don’t be fooled by this outcome – see Old School below – at best this goes 7 games

* Lebron almost gets bored without challenge – 0-5 three pointers / 7 turnovers / MINUS 32

* Cleveland 4-26 three pointers

* Morris had three fouls in the first quarter – Stevens left him in – he ended with three fouls

* Morris needs to be Eddie Shack on Lebron (Dale Hunter for you people in your 40’s) Marchand for you millennials

* I wonder what the record of teams coming off too much rest and have to start on the road

* Korver needs to get back with Demi Moore


2. Red Sox

* Neither starter on Sunday went five innings but still threw a combined 193 pitches

* Your basic 3:42 game time – great for napping

* On pace to go 55-26 on the road

* Chris Sale on pace for 12 wins

* David Price missed a start because of video games – he makes a $1,000,000 a start – he should be forced to donate that check to the Boys Club (Did John Henry blame Tom Yawkey for this too?)

* When Jackie Bradley got his hit Sunday - he should have asked for the ball

* Every day the Sox don’t sign Mookie his average pay goes up $250,000 / he is looking at least

$25,000,000 a year

*Is Martinez the 4th greatest right handed bat acquisition in franchise history other than Jimmy Foxx, Joe Cronin and Manny?


3. In 72 games Ricky Henderson actually stole 8 bases for the Sox in ten attempts


4. Red Sox all time worst acquisitions lineup:

Starting Pitcher…….David Price……….7 years / $217,000,000

Catcher…………….AJ Pirzynski……….1 year / $7,500,000

1st Base…………….Jack Clark…………3 years / $8,700,000

2nd Base…………….Jose Offerman…….4 years / $26,000,000

3rd Base…………….Panda Sandoval……5 years / $95,000,000

SS………………….Julio Lugo…………..4 years / $36,000,000

Left Field………….Carl Crawford……….7 years / $142,000,000

Center Field………..Carl Everett….…….2 year / $12,333,666

Right Field…………JD Drew…………….5 years / $70,000,000

DH………………Jose Canseco………….2 years / $10,500,000

Closer……………BK Kim……………….1 year / $3,425,000


5. Who is better Jordan or Lebron – if you were picking teams for a match in which the loser is executed who would you take first? As Archie Bunker would say – “Case Closed!”


6. Around baseball:


* Machado’s big Free Agent year – on pace for 51 HR / 150 RBI / .350 Avg / 217 hits

* Scherzer on pace for 28-4 / 360 strike outs

* Season is 25% over and their have been 10 complete games (3 of them no hitters)

* Joey Gallo the poster boy for modern day baseball: 729 at bats / .202 hitter / 60 home runs and 57 singles / strikes out 45% of the time (think of that)

* Devers is leading all of baseball with 10 errors

* Vazquez for Sox not hitting or throwing out runners – 3 of 14 runners 21% (compared to last year 42%

* Ten teams averaging less than 20,000 fans a game -wake up baseball


7. Amazing Stat – Brad Stevens got zero votes for Coach of the Year and the coach that won it got fired


8. Old School – The first game blowout reminds me of the Memorial Day Massacre over the Lakers:


* Celtics won 148-114

* McHale was 10-16 for 26 points

* Scott Wedman 11 for 11 / 4 for 4 three pointers

* Celtics scored 38 in first quarter (36 Sunday)

* Celtics lost the next game at home 109-102 – embarrassed Kareem scored 30 whiney points

* Lakers won in 6


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Golf is so much funner with Tiger – who else was magical that you had to watch:


* Jordan

* Mark Fidrych

* Pete Maravich

* Sugar Ray Leonard for a while

* Secretariat

* Babe Ruth had to be

* Koufax

* Fernando Venezuela

* Bobby Orr

* Flutie

* Hershel Walker


10. Randomocity


* Speaking of Jackie Bradley he had a real nerve harassing Hall of Famer Eck when he is

a .230 lifetime hitter

* Love the Herald headline Sunday – Price shows Fort-tude

* I never heard the rumor that potentially Jim Palmer was the child of John or Robert Kennedy

* The advice Rene Russo gave to Kevin Costner to go for the green on 18 in Tin Cup was Grady Little-esque

* Two weeks from June and there are still unfilled potholes and still trees down everywhere

* Surprised that John Henry allowed the Handmaids Tale to film their mass hanging scene in the outfield at Fenway

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly's Top Ten releases on Monday's and Friday's.

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  1. Don Mehan

    May 14, 2018 at 11:31 AM

    Who else was magical that you had to watch?

    You missed two big ones. Pedro, and of course Smoky Joe Wood in 1912 when he went 34-5 for the Sox with 35 complete games. And he went 3-1 in the World Series pitching back to back days in final 2 games. I saw him twice that year at Fenway. A shame you never saw him. He truly was magical.

  2. [email protected]

    May 15, 2018 at 7:30 AM

    Jose was actually pretty good for the Sox, despite missing time. in 198 games he hit 53 HRs and 163 RBis. Batting Avg .298, OBA .389, Slugging 571, all career highs for any of the teams he played on. I think Hanley’s 4 year Million a lot worse. 330 OBA and 457 Slugging with Sox. He’s played a decent amount of DH.

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Connelly’s Top Ten – The Fighting Stevens Steal Boston’s Heart from Heartless Bruins



Boston Celtics

1. Celtics

* Horford yelling coming off the floor in Philly reminded me of McHale coming off the floor after Game 6 against Sixers in 1981 to send it back to the Garden

* Imagine what a youtube of Marcus Smart bad three pointers would look like

* Ebid does a lot of talking for a guy down 0-3 / Can’t believe how over-rated and unpolished Simmons is

* Celtics missed their last ELEVEN three pointers – and still won

* Philly has a lot of suburban fans with hats on sideways – tough guys (and girls)

* Celts are one game from Conference Finals and finished the third quarter with this group – Larkin, Baynes, Morris, Smart and Ojeleye


2. Bruins

* Outskated, outhit, outcoached, out-hearted

* Never showed the backbone to beat a more talented team

* Marchand took a licking - no shots on net and tons of giveaways is one of the big no shows in an elimination game

* Early in the game – a Tampa player left his feet to drill Chara in the back no call – then McAvoy a clean hit and one of 500 cross checks in the series and he is sent off

* McAvoy the best Bruin in the series

* Rask was a good enough

* Never seen a team not be able to clear the puck from their own end

* Really - an embellish penalty in an elimination game?

* Backes gets laid out with a shoulder to the jaw and nobody does anything about it

* Hit the goalie behind the net – someone drop the gloves – do something to change the complexion of the game - anything

* Man what happen to DeBrusk?

* Rick Nash couldn’t play for me – no heart, floating around looking to avoid contact


3. Red Sox Stat –

* Since 1920 – 90 Red Sox have at least 2,000 plate appearances – Jackie Bradley has the lowest career average of those 90 at .236

4. New Patriot Sony Michel Stat –

*In the NCAA playoffs this year vs. Oklahoma and Alabama – 25 carries for 279 yards for 11.16 yards a carry

5. Kentucky Derby:

* Of the twenty jockeys – only four from United States

* That’s a long day of drinking for 157,813 fans

* On the bucket list – Kentucky Derby – not the long day of drinking (already checked that one off)


6. Carmelo Anthony a fraud -  regular season points versus playoff points and %:


* Anthony regular season points……25,417 / playoff points - 1,764 (6.9%)

* Larry Bird regular season points….21,791 / playoff points – 3,897 (17.8%)


7. Amazing Stat – Stat from NBC – Washington professional teams are 0-13 when they are one game away from being in the final four of their league since 1998.


8. Old School – Attendance


* Kentucky Derby in the rain Saturday - 157,813 fans

* First 30 home games for the 1952 Boston Braves – 158,626 fans


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Speaking of attendance numbers


* Patriots Hall of Fame – 2015 – 143,359 / 2016 – 134,261

* Basketball Hall of Fame – 2015 -  234,324 / 2106 – 240,948


10. Randomocity


* Bench players jumping off bench to affect a three point shooter in the corner should be a technical foul

* Is Brad Stevens the second-best coach in professional sports right now?

* Marsha Brady just inched out Greg Brady in their driving competition

* I am now leaning toward New York Strip or Tenderloin over Ribeye and Filet

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Connelly’s Top Ten – The Fighting Stevens Push on to Philly



1. Celtics

* Fun game – big win

* How does TJ McConnell feel? He got taken out at crunch time for the bonus baby Ben Simmons – McConnell was a PLUS 16 for the game / Simmons was a MINUS 23

* I scared even when Marcus Smart dribbles the ball

* Nice balance Tatum 21 / Rozier 20 / Smart 19 / Brown 13 / Horford 13

* Celtics ten more free throws

* Rozier last three playoff games 16 for 26 on three pointers

* Is it possible that Ebid is the most talented big man since Hakeem (why he doesn’t take 30 shots a game I don’t know) – he’s a good passer too

* I hate Marcus Morris game – twice at end of quarters he wouldn’t give up the ball and take buzzer shots – he went all Paul Pierce with two bricks

* 3 Pointers ruining the game

* Don’t forget Hayward is still working out

* Who sold Kevin Hart a front row ticket?

* Kevin McHale’s voice doesn’t project



2. From TBS

* Celtics when up 2-0 in a playoff series: 36-0

* Philly when down 0-2 in a playoff series: 0-11


3. Red Sox

* Mookie Bets on pace for 63 home runs – should have signed him last week, last year

* Price and Sale four wins in 14 starts – ugh

* Yikes Devers another error

3:20 of bad baseball – a long way from NHL playoffs


4. Bruins

* I go Gionta, Donato and Holden and I sit – Backes, Heinen and Grzelcyk


5. Chris Sale over his last 18 starts has won 5 games with a record of 5-7


6. Bryce Harper on pace for 204 walks which would be the second most behind Barry Bonds 232 in 2004. Ted Williams most was 164.


7. Amazing Stat – Stanton and Judge are on a pace to strike out 480 times / the 1950 Yankees struck out 463 times as a team


8. Old School – Fred Lynn Hall of Famer I don’t think so but see below compared to over-rated Kirby Puckett – who is in the Hall of Fame:


* Puckett – 207 HR / 1,085 RBI / .318 AVG / .360 OBP / .477 Slugging

* Lynn…..306 HR / 1,111 RBI / .283 AVG / .360 OBP / .484 Slugging


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Secretariat in 1973 ran the Kentucky Derby in 1:59 which would have beat 1891 winner Kingman by fifty-three seconds (2:52)


10. Randomocity


* The movie Life of the Party is a crazy rip off on Back to School and Old School

* McMafia on AMC is worth a watch

* Red Sox minor league teams 39-47

* From raw cold April into wicked hot summah’

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Connelly’s Top 10: Bruins - Thank You Sir May I Have Another



*Team comes out flat that’s on him
*Why is Heinen getting a sweater right now?
*Bruins getting screwed by penalties and officials (see a high stick on Chara) and he is not getting enough attention from officials - Go Milbury and fire the water bottle / go Sinden and meet the refs in the hallway / Go Cherry and get your foot up on the boards
*Recognize that Tampa is more skilled and faster - so make it a street fight
*Hasn’t said a thing about Bergeron getting thrown out of faceoffs

2. Defense

*Grzelcyk - went Buckner - couldn’t play worse

*McQuaid - I guess he’s hurt - hasn’t hit anyone in series and playing time is down

*Chara’s legs are done - this is what going 7 games cost them - and losing to Florida to end the season
*McAvoy is his old self - best player on the back end

3. Offense

*Backes - ugh - useless - no shots on net (he is Bobby Schmatz but doesn’t score) / picks up 7 penalty minutes and to remind you he is getting $5mm and is signed for three more years

*DeBrusk is back to be an average, uninspired player

*Marchand has to lose the behind back pass to the other team (I checked my blog from last year’s playoffs and it was the same thing - the Ball of Hate giving the puck away)

*Bruins freaked out by all the blocked shots

4. Rask

*He was certainly good enough

*Tampa going high on him

*33 saves should be enough

5. Officials

*5-1 power plays in favor of Tampa - worst call was roughing on McAvoy -

*This coming after last game slash call on Krug and no slash call against Marchand on breakaway in Game 2

*This coming after the wrong call for drawing blood last game on Hedman

*And with a chance to even up a power play they miss stick to Chara’s face (if refs don’t deal with it Chara does - like Fredo not dealing with his wife on dance floor in Godfather II)

6.Physical side

*This has to be a street fight

*You can’t let Tampa goalie (can’t spell the long Russian name) fool around with the puck behind net when you are down 3-1 - run him

*Heinen is skating around like its flag football

7.Face Offs

*Paquette won 11 of 14 79%

*Johnson won 13 of 21 62%


*Hedman had a crazy 4:25 shift

*The circled the wagons in the 3rd

*Tampa is up 2-1 and their first line only has an empty net goal

*Someone has to deal with Palat who is skating around running people with no response

9. Rene Rancourt was the only one to throw punches last night

10.Other Stuff

*Does Orr ever age

*Pedro had more energy than the Bruins
*I think the half screen for commercials and is a good move

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