Connelly’s Top Ten - 100 Years Ago / Opt Out / Bike Accidents


1. Rask, Rask, Rask

* People say that that Rask is the best goalie in Bruins history and his number will go up in the rafters - His resume: Rask misses Russian game, misses last game of 2016 year and reportedly goes to Buff’s Pub, takes a leave of absence in 2019, fails in Game 7 vs Blues, Gives up two goals to Blackhawks in 17 seconds in Game Six - 2013 / Opts out of playoffs

* Rask had just made comments of his indifference after Game 2 and all of sudden the narrative switched to “family”

* Never seen Coyle look so good 

* Rask could win the Vezina Trophy and quit on his team in the same year (No Mas!)

2. Red Sox

* On the bright side - we don’t have to see this for 162 games

* Charlie Coyle’s goal picked out of the air is a better swing than any Benintendi has offered so far 

* Has a national broadcast of a Yankees - Red Sox game ever NOT shown the Varitek-A Rod dust up

* 100 years ago - there was a killer virus / 100 years ago - the Red Sox traded their best player of the century / 100 yeas ago the Red Sox had their worst decade in franchise history 1920’s - .winning 388% of their games / this decade they are on pace to be worse  (.300%). 

3. Around the MLB

* Would be a disgrace to the game if Charlie Blackmon got credit for hitting .400* How ridiculous is the juiced baseball this year - Matt Olson’s last seven hits are HR’s

 * From MLB Network - at Coors Field in Colorado only four visiting pitchers have recorded a complete game over the last 575 games

* At age 27 - Mookie Betts is 12 RBI from 500 / 3 HR’s from 150 / 10 hits from a 1,000

4. Worst performance in an elimination game 

* Bruins versus Blues 2019

* Patriots versus Bears 1986

* Patriots versus Houston Oilers

5. Sports are being ruined by

* Home runs (juiced baseball) in Major Leagues

* Three pointers in NBA

* Long drives in golf

* Aces in tennis 

* 50 yard field goals

 * Goalie equipment that extends ;beyyoung the goalie’s body

6. Bang for the buck

* Ellsbury with Red Sox….104 HR / 1,376 hits / 343 SB / $21mm

* Ellsbury with Yankees….14 HR…….180 hits……45 SB / / $150mm

7. Amazing Stat - Tampa Bay at Fenway - how things have changed:

* Red Sox 2002-2007 - 37-7

* Red Sox 2018-2020 - 1-13

8. Old School - One hundred years ago on Monday - Ray Chapman was hit in the head by a Carl Mays curve ball - the ball deflected off his head so hard that Mays picked the ball up and threw to first - he was dead 12 hours later

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Bikes and Bike Accidents

* Covid got people back on their bikes

* More accidents - Tom Coughlin and Simon Cowell (come in threes who’s next)

* Youth Bike accidents in Palm Beach up 167%

10. Randomocity 

* Love the gaps in audio at the NBA games to bleep out the swearing

* Interesting to watch Nashua baseball team from the Future’s League on NESN and see fans in the crowd

* From the Globe - in the bubble for the NHL - food service gouging residents - Mike Milbury paid $65 for egg breakfast

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