Connelly Top Ten - PGA Prime Time / Choking up / Frauds


1. Red Sox

* Jackie Bradley Jr is 250 at bats away from 3,000 with Red Sox which would be top 50 in team history

* 138 K to 42 BB so far this year / In 1949 the team 510 K to 835 BB

* Sox have 3 SB and 0 Triples

* Hitting .243 as a team - lowest in over 50 years

2. Bruins

* When I see Tuukka standing for the national anthem - I wondering if he’s thinking of wings and beer at Buff’s Pub

* While Tuukka is hiding deep in his crease (see goal 2) Holtby is 19-4 versus Bruins

* I can’t believe Ovechkin hasn’t killed a goalie with that slap shot from the left faceoff circle

* Patrnak with 15 seconds left in Washington end a behind the back, blind pass to the other team

3. Celtics

* Sorry to say it Green Team fans - Jaylen Brown isn’t ready for induction for Springfield yet: Never been to an All Star game / averaged 12 points in 44 playoff games

* I would expect Kemba to announce surgery soon considering his knee is still bothering him after four months off (or he wasn’t rehabbing during break)

4. Patriots

* We have never been more desperate for the Patriots - I’d even take Rod Rust team back

* Quietly Coach can’t be happy with players he’s taken care ($) of opting out - Bolden, Chung (he’s been exposed to worse than Covid), Hightower

5. PGA 

* Prime time is awesome

* Tiger Woods wearing black and red on Sunday when down 11 strokes is like playing Sweet Caroline while down 10 runs

6. Athletes that seem like frauds:

* A Rod

* Joe DiMaggio

* Phil Mickelson

* LeBron* Reggie Jackson 

* George Foreman

* Obviously Lance Armstrong, Pete Rose

7. Amazing Stats -  Andrew Benintendi vs. Red Sox former pitcher Ike Delock:

* Delock (1959)…….3-47 / 2 RBI / 24 K / .064

* Benintendi (2020).3-36 / 1 RBI / 15 K / .056

8. Old School - Choking up- a lost part of hitting - Verdugo chocks up - who else - Joey Votto, Barry Bonds,Rick Burleson

9. Just a Little Bit Outside - Break out movies for actors:

Platoon - Wilem DaFoe, Tom Berenguer

Primal Fear - Edward NortonDeer Hunter - Christopher Walken

My Left Foot - Daniel Day LewisGlory - Denzel Washington

French Connection - Gene Hackman

Raging Bull - Joe Pecci

Schindler’s List - Ralph Finnes

Risky Business - Tom Cruise (and Guido the killer pimp)

10. Randomocity

* I read this week - because the increase in weight of people - Venice has reduced passengers in Gondola’s from six to five

* Padre Fernando Tatis turning into the third greatest second generation player after Bonds and Griffey?

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